The AllBright

Back in my London. Its grey and rainy and its going to snow again this weekend but im all filled with good things after a great couple of days in Scotland and just generally feeling happy.

Got accepted to this newly opened female members club. Im not a fan of members clubs but this is working to empower women in business in the UK and this is something i really care about. Ive been looking for a way to be part of this movement and i hope that this will be a great way of doing this.

And it means i have a nice place to chill out when i need to.

Its called the AllBright and is in Bloomsbury (yes, my literary heart rejoices). They have a lot of seminars and workshops as well as a gym, a beauty saloon and of course a bar. Men is welcome which is a must for me. I dont want to be part of something that excludes men completely.

If you want to a read an article about it here is a good one. I have high hopes this will be a good space for growth and interesting conversations.

” The club’s focus, instead, will be on furthering female careers, starting female-led businesses, and celebrating successful women. “Women gain confidence from seeing other women in positions of leadership.”

I can see myself chilling and changing the world here…

After a days journeying i came home to realise i left the keys at home. 20 min outside before Liam, who is staying with us for a bit, let me in. He did cook us delicious food though so all forgiven. Love a man who cooks.

Big hands and pringles dont go well together. But who cares when you got matching dashing men in burg decorating your kitchen.

Yes. Very tasty and i ate a massive portion. Just what i needed after eating meat and potatoes for three days straight.

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