I believe in you spring

Today it finally feels like spring outside. Its 10 degrees, sunny and friday. Cant get better than that. Im totally ignoring that its supposed to snow this weekend. Living in the now and carpeing the shit out of this diem.

London is dressing up. I absolutely love this city when its like this. When in Stockholm the trees would still be bare and the ground frozen London is filled with yellow daffodils, purple crokuses and pink blossoming trees. Reminds me again why i got stuck in this city.

Last night it was still light out when i picked up Woolly and we chilled together on the tube back home. We’ve got good times at the moment mini man and me. He is very cuddly and we’ve taken him off the meds without any signs of issues. Crossing all my fingers he is ok now.

Coming home to Liam staying with us he told me he’ll cook me dinner again. Yes please. You can stay with us as long as you want to if you keep cooking up a storm of deliciousness.

Lasagna on Bulgars Bad Ass Bolognese, garlic bread and salad. Anyone looking for a handsome, smart, funny man as well as a seriously talented chef Liam is a catch.

George was out working the bars with Stu. All of a sudden I got this photo. The heroes Stu, Emma and Harry had gotten us tickets to book of mormon. Yes please. I love that musical and i will love even more watching George enjoying it.

All while we were just chilling at home. W is starting to realise Liam equals food so he is very happy to have him staying with us.

Look at how its blooming out there. On our morning walk my winter jacket was too warm for the first time this year. Yes!

Met Moley and Mischkin and had a lovely walk around the park. I have a seriously good feeling about 2018. I mean, it started pretty epic with getting engaged to my dream man so its already hard to beat.

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