Dinner heaven

I know that im going to sound like absolutely everyone else but im SO tired of the cold. Both being cold and having a cold. I left Sweden god dammit.

Oh well, daily rant done. Instead focusing on dinner with Ella tonight and lots of fun stuff going this week. Plus, it cant stay cold forever (she tells herself).

On Friday me and W took our furry little selves (not so keen on the shaving in these cold times) to Katta’s to get treated to some food and a listening ear.

Maroccan chicken tagine with coucos, Hands up for friends with cooking skills. (and see me rolling on the getting treated to dinners all week).

We planned life. It always feels like you work it out on these long nights discussing on the sofa but then monday comes and you are back to ‘WTF am i doing really’. My standard Monday plan is to become a dog walker and stop office life. Until i realise i need to walk like 10 dogs 4 times a day to survive. Then office dont seem so bad.

Woke up bright and bushy tailed on Saturday and ate a very swedish breakfast. Hardbread, kaviar and cheese on the tray Filippa gave us. This is how you breakfast people!

After a day on the sofa getting increasingly annoyed at all the twists and turns in Lost (what is going on man??) we headed out into Beast from the East 2.0. Or more like pup from the east.

To Lollo. Yet another home cooked dinner. I could get used to this. She made a lemon and thyme meat stew with potatoes. Delicious and perfect winter food. She can totally not get away with ‘i dont cook’ any longer. I see your bluff Miss.

George and me drank coktails and got tipsy and Lollo kept feeding us all while healthily drinking water. She’s crazy doing a marathon so fair enough. People like her make me feel like a lazy blob. But it takes skill to chill like me.

On the way home we had a snowball fight. Because you must and we are still totally kids. As you can see George got me good.

You take what you can get. A somewhat flavourless ice lolly (and dont worry, Lollo fed us dessert).

Came home to Liam having found his place in life. Our old man chair eating food from the lapdog. That tray is the best invention ever.

After having a drink on the sofa we fell asleep still clutching our glasses. Its depressing but true, we are getting old.

Sunday morning hangout time with my favourites. The best thing about out garden is that W wants to stay in bed forever on weekend mornings.

So that is what we do. Stay in bed forever. Especially when its snows outside, nothing better to do.

To make this snowy Sunday even better we decided to have a onsie day. Yes, we just hung around the house in our onsies. Me being a unicorn.

And George his spirit animal Chewbacca. Woolly was in his fur onsie as well. Less choice in the matter for that little dude.

When it was time to walk W couldnt be bothered to change our clothes. You are welcome London to this amazing sight.

Just your casual Sunday dog walking outfit. Two happy tails walking along.

Then George cooked me dinner (telling you, i am on a roll) and we watched more Lost. Im like a bear hiding away fro winter at the moment. I promise ill leave the sofa when spring comes.

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