Sunshine on my face

Im at the end of my almost full week dinner streak. It was good as long as it lasted by today is Katta’s bday and we might have some plans tonight (No Katta, i wont give it away here).

Tomorrow im supposed to go to Paris but they have declared a transport strike so not sure its the best ide. Dont want to get stuck there over the weekend. Time will tell if im off gallivanting or staying put.

Yesterday went to Ellas for dinner. Havent seen her in ages but she was as sweet as always. Katta and me dug into her delicious food with gusto.

Ellas mum was also there. Always so lovely to see them and i kept being bombarded by Lola showing me all her love. Thats what you need, a warm place filled with gorgeous women in this cold London spring.

Salmon with oven cooked root vegetables and a chickory salad. Delicious.Cant even pick a winner from my 6 days dinner streak because they were all so good. Hands up to my friends.

My best little friends. She was beyond excited all night having company and getting to play. I left W at home because whenever he hangs with Lola you can find him hiding in the darkest corner. She is too much woman for him.

When i came home one of my late bday gifts from George arrived. This is a serotonin necklace. So whenever im running low i always have some with me. I can already feel it work its magic. Very sweet and thoughtful as well. He does good my man.

Working from home today. Big up sofa times. But right now im actually in the garden. Finally warm enough to sit outside. Im going to love this so much once the spring truly comes. My flowers are blooming, W has his bed outside and im working in the sun. This is my own slice of heaven.

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