Chillerill in my garden

So, i was supposed to be on my way to Paris but due to a strike starting tomorrow and the fact that i booked my ticket from the wrong station (dont even get me started) im still in London.

London is pretty though but i was looking forward to a french baguette and some macaroons. Next time. Instead ill be sitting on the sofa sans W and George and just watch some series. When the cats away…

Worked from home yesterday and it was SUNNY!! I could sit out in the garden. For real. If this is the sign of things to come im even more in love with our flat.

What you see in the background is me trying to plant some strawberries. I think i failed. They said you could resurrect the plants by soaking them in water but they look very, very dead.

So far i would say its a 50/50 split on the survival rate in my garden (yeah, its mine. George couldnt care less). No green thumb yet but not completely useless.

Woolly enjoyed the outside as well. Always bringing his favourite toy. I have a feeling him and me will have some seriously good time out here this summer.

Got some flowers from one of our vendors for helping them out with a work thing. Yes please, it is spring moving into our flat.

Liam, whos been living with us for almost two weeks, are leaving today so my plan is to spruce the place up a bit. Want it all spring and fresh. W has been walking around with dirty paws so need to clean carpets and sofas and pillows and everything.

(When did i turn into my mum? I used to not care about that stuff.)

Yesterday was my best person Kattas bday. Excuse the photo quality but this is me trying to show the most 35+ gift ever. Katta loves the series This is us (dont we all) but season 2 is not on Amazon. So George gave it to her. On a USB stick.

On a USB stick. Thats almost like a floppy disc.

Who even does USB sticks these days? A girl who doesnt use drive or dropbox or even facebook :).

I hope she enjoys it. (I think i know what you are doing today Katta…)

The happy birthday girl. I gave her a birthday cake ballon. Because everyone needs more balloons in their lives. Im also taking her to Oxford in the spring. Because everyone definitely needs that in their lives. Walks, afternoon tea and cocktails.

George and Julia. Julia and me put this small, but lovely, little surprise dinner together. We went for spanish tapas and GTs. Perfect for a tuesday birthday in March.

Hope Katta felt all the love. Because she deserves it more than anyone.

Not really sure what has Lollo so perturbed. That girl being a marathon running force of nature showed up straight from the gym in a glitter top. Hats off.

Food was delicious. Hence the very focused faces in this picture. Not sure who was happiest with the night, Katta or George who got to take the doggie bag home. Nothing to make my man as happy as food.

Maria came all the way from Sweden to give us all some swede flair.

What a lovely night and happy, happy birthday to one of my absolute favourite people. Lets rock 2018.

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