Happy bday to queen Gina!

First and most important today

Happy Happy birthday Gina!!

Hope the boys spoil you rotten and all the love from London. We will laugh extra much and dream big in your honour. And ill make George eat all his vitamins 🙂

Also, ‘me talking about the sun’ season have just started. Because you know what, its sunny outside!! Welcome spring, i have missed you.

With sun poking its little head out George and me are finally feeling ready to plan our moving in party.

This is the invite photo to Londons Best Tiki Party!! Its going to be bloody marvellous. And all things tiki. Kind of want Rasa to come with pina colada from Trailer Happiness. I dream of those.

19th of May the doors open to the garden of fun (and hopefully minus the snow). Be there or be square.

Adding a lovely photo of me and my London family. Because they are the best and they make London so much better every day. They both came into my life here in London around the same time and my level of happiness in the two last years testify to how amazing they are

I thought my dinner streak had come to and end but after one night of eating out i was right back at it. Came home to Liam sending himself off with yet another delicious home made meal.

Vegetarian tacos. Sweetpotato and pumpkin with black beans and spices with guac, tomatoes and pickled radishes. I have decided that we are keeping Liam as our private chef. He rocks my taste buds.

Then finally i had some time to myself to keep watching This is us. Oh boy i cried. Like body wrecking sobs of the best kind. I want to live their lives. Until i go to bed and think about my own life and realise that my people are as good as these people, if not better.

My life is actually better than the movies right now.

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