Londons smallest lunch disco

Friday. Must admit im trying to dodge any kind of socialising this weekend. George told me this morning that ‘you used to be out later but its been two years, you are getting old’. True. I am. And im not sorry. I feel like i paid my dues to the party gods.

Yesterday we went for lunch with the team. We found the smallest little disco room in the basement of a korean restaurant. Lunch party! Plus the best team ever.

I ate an halloumi burger with seaweed sprinkled fries. It was ok. Im just not a big burger fan. But i like hanging with my team so you win some, you lose some.

That could have been all that day had to offer. Instead i got pulled into a legal matter at work and stress levels reached peak again. I had to it in as a witness and is now part of the investigation. I think its because im swedish and therefore neutral. And, im also pretty fair and hard to sway. I would be awesome at jury duty.

I need this weekend to be fairly uneventful. Me, the garden and a book. Welcome hygge.

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