Almost flowering

Easter week. I have both Thursday and Friday off so its a short week for me. Extremely not unhappy about that. George and me are leaving town on Friday so ill have all of thursday to chill at home and on Wednesday its Secret Cinema Bladerunner.

I bought a very sexy umbrella for that. With a light up shaft. Need to figure out the rest of my outfit but ill think i go easy for this one. All black and red lips. Even if i dont believe in that when it comes to dress up sometimes less is more.

Spring is so so slow this year. Its kind of here and then it gets freezing and feels all winter again. After a weekend of staying at home on Friday, taking a long walk with Katta on Saturday and watching a  movie with George on Saturday night i ended up in a somewhat blooming Ravenscourt on Sunday.

Brought some flowers home with me. George stayed on the sofa so felt he needed at least a whiff of the outside.

I made him join me in the garden when i was pottering around. I bet our neigbours loved him liked this. I finally saw one of the gnome neighbours, a bald, kind of scary looking, eastern european guy talking gardening. This will be interesting.

W and me sat outside for a while until W made me come into the sofa by playing with his toys until i sat down and the whole family was snuggling up together. That little doggo makes sure he gets what he wants.

With a blanket you could almost pretend it was warm enough.

I eventuallt got G to leave the flat by talking cookies and going to the store. I trick George into doing what i want and Woolly tricks me. So, i guess its the mini hound that rules this family.

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