Stepping into a fantasy world

I didnt take any pictures yesterday. It was a very standard Monday with me going to work, sitting in a couple of meetings, taking some, actually pretty good, decisions and then heading straight home to the sofa to watch This is Us.

Perfect Monday.

George came home from playing basketball around 10 and since im a granny these days fell into bed around 11 fast asleep within 5 min. Living the rockstar life. Not sure i should be proud or worried ive barely had a drink and definitely not a cigarette since George bday. At least he keeps the flag flying high for our little family.

Tomorrow is Secret Cinema though and then im off so ill make up for my non partying by dressing up for Bladerunner. Trying to figure out outfit. Im a scavenger but Bladerunner women are either business bitches or prostitutes. Im sure i can put something together from my Burning  Man days.


Like this. But more clothes. Because freezing. (Damn, i just realised i REALLY want to go again this year. I did stop myself from saying yes when my old camp asked me. Because money and life and just a big ass holiday to plan but i can literally smell the desert and feel the love of thousands of people dancing together in the sunrise when  looking at this picture.)

And glowsticks. Always glowsticks. My life is 100% better with all kinds of neon, glitter and LEDs. I know it makes me totally running from real life but hey, real life is pretty grey and rainy right now.

Tonight will be outfit planning. If i cant go to BM at least i can take out all my old dusty clothes and feel the magic for a second.


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