One cake pop to rule them all

I have told you before about my colleague Udays amazing sisters that run a cake business called Pastry so tasty. Today they blew our mind again with Easter themed cake pops.

Vanilla cake pop with crushed chocolate eggs on top. For real. Its all kinds of delicious. I dont even know how to not eat all of it in one go. So i did. Before lunch.

Coming into this is true happiness. Missing out on the swede easter eggs filled with pick and mix when I live here. But, i get this so not too unhappy about the state of things.

Wore pink to match London yesterday.

Then i had the best time on the sofa with my man and my dog. I swear he is the cutest and i dont listen to the haters that think he is ugly (mum). He is the sweetest thing.

Yeah, we were all totally in love with each other yesterday. Family <3.

Im off work tomorrow so will see if i can be bothered to blog, otherwise – Happy Easter!!

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