Scotland you beaut

I’ve had some lovely days in Scotland. Mostly inside meeting a lot of interesting people from all over the world and listening to some inspirational speeches.

Was a bit worried it was going to be very sell-y but it’s been good.

I did however manage to leave for a short walk around.

The hotel. You have to love an old Scottish mansion like this. Feel like a princess.

I just love the light in Scotland. It’s kind of purple blue. Tugs at my heart strings.

If I was into golf I’d definitely go here. I’m not though so happy to keep to my side of the road.

In all it’s glory.

Heading back to London today. A couple of more meetings in the morning and then off. Hopefully home safe and sound by 8 tonight snoozing up next to my man and mini hound.

On that note. I REALLY want to save Aled. Look at his little bow tie. I know we don’t have room or the time given that I’m sharing W but still.

No one wants him 😦

George’s big day

Hey guys. Hope life is treating you well wherever you are. I’m in sunny St Andrews awaiting a day full of meetings. It’s not too shabby, being wined and dined and taken here to talk shop with other marketing professionals.

However, let’s talk even more amazing times. George’s bday!! Finally 32 baby.

Woke him in the morning with breakfast in bed and two gifts. For both of us. Because I did give him a switch in NYC and wasn’t allowed to give him anything else.

And chocolate balls instead of cake. Because in George’s world chocolate balls win every time.

We left for crown and shuttle and I was wearing my SWAG t-shirt George gave me for my bday. What a couple huh.

Lots of awesome people came and we drunk ourselves a bit silly (sorry Gina and Mario, I failed on controlling his drinks).

After a couple of hours we went to callooh to say goodbye to Liam for his second to last shift. And hi to Dan gracing is with his presence.

Hi Dan.

With amazing Bulgarians. If we keep hanging with them maybe I’ll pick up a word or too.

And finally we ended up at Pimp Shuei. The place where it all started. George getting more love from his friends. Because he is the best.

We hung out and there was a lot of love and hugs going around.

Looking badass.

Then it was just never ending hangout with favourite people. All the happiness.

Yes, it was that kind of night.

Then we sang karaoke. To torn. Because best karaoke song ever.

The best person in the whole wide world. And I know, had to find him all the way from the other side of the world.

Crew!! Our friends are the best. Just saying.

On Sunday I felt like this. We sat on the sofa all day. Because we are heroes.

In the Scottish wilds

Ok, so I’m in Scotland at the Fairmont. It’s all brown, rolling hills and filled with sheeps. I love it. Just getting my self spruced up and then off for some networking.

See me rolling with the big boys.

My room is lovely. Feel spoiled.

I have my own desk. If, you know, I need to desk stuff.

And I have a shower and a bathtub. Geez.

We are going to get along just fine you fancy golf club resort and me.

Bye immune system

Im not sure what wrong with me at the moment. The weeks are never ending and i cant remember last time i was sick this often during a winter. Or, i can, but it was when i was deep in depression, barely ate and threw up what little i did eat and it shot my immune system to hell.

This time around i eat everyting, some junk but mostly veggies and healthy stuff, i sleep and im out all the time with Woolly. So no reasons to be going in and out of absolute exhaustion. I hope its just a backlash from a stressful December, crazy fun and busy February and some serious work stress going down.

Im even eating my vitamins. I never eat my vitamins.

Anyway, enough moaning about my crap immune system. On Wednesday i took George out for a pre birthday dinner. We went to El Camion for all the tacos. George was wearing his fancy pineapple shirt.

What a happy little fruit.

Me and all the hot sauces. Looking clever.

My devil of a man. When Oliver told us he was going to take W all night the devil horns came out and George and me decided to do the most of his birthday.

We went to Mimi’s and drank this beautiful criossant syrup based cocktail. We also helped naming the new cocktails on their menu. If you go to Mimis and have a Savvy Shrub (or maybe a Savvy Club) thats all down to George and if you have a The Dukes Negroni thats all me.

Rasa came by for a bit with face covered in glitter. Always love me a bit of glitter.

Happy times. This is where we should have gone home. We didnt. Poor choice.

Yesterday George opened the birthday gift from his mum. A spectacular Chewie robe. Its so soft and fluffy and amazing and I laid under it all day.

Yes, told you, immune system shot to smithereens at the moment.

Our flat is chaos. Problem with a sick me and hung over George is that we just move from room to room messing them up. This is the floor of our bedroom and yes, W is sleeping on my bra.

Next week im off to the Fairmont in Scotland for a work summit. They take me to this beautiful place for me to meet with some prospective partners and to network and wine and dine. Too bad i dont golf since this is the most famous golf resort in Scotland. Im away Monday to Wednesday. Then Paris the week after and then we are off for Easter.

Then, we relax.

Grow little garden, grow

Hello somewhat sunny Wednesday. I have crawled out of bed and back into work today. Taking my man out to an early bday dinner tonight. Mexican at El Camion. The big celebration is Saturday. Very fitting at Pimp Shuei. Then finally our crazy month and half is done. No more celebrations until next year.

Btw, look at this miracle. My flowers are kind of alive. The hardy little champions are fighting despite snow and cold. Now i just need it to get warm so that i can sit outside and enjoy. I have this vision of myself in a floaty dress reading an intellectual book in my english garden (itll be me in Pjs reading fantasy but aim for the stars)

And heres my jasmine (dont look on the left, not sure why i havent given up on my poundland blueberries yet) complete with some weeds. Almost like a proper gardener.

George worked from home until lunch time so we curled up in the blanket and watched some Lost.

A unicorn blanket for a unicorn. Corny looking sexy in the middle of the hairy motorboat.

And if like my outside garden wasnt enough, i have some spring onions struggling to grow in my kitchen window. My plan is that since we all know that i would be useless if the apocalypse happen at least i can get some basic garden skills and keep us alive with berries.

My unhappy face when i realised george would be late home. 50% missing him, 50% not being able to watch Lost.

Started on This is us instead and loving it so now i have something to keep me entertained when George is out gallivanting the streets.

The space blanket

Working from home today. My nose is acting up again and I have no meetings today so heeeelloooo sofa. Everyone else got snow days last week, I’m sneaking one in today. Minus the snow.

At least I’ll be highly stylish while chilling at home.

My bday gift finally arrived. The. Best. Blanket. Ever. It’s like a space opera. But a blanket. And it also has a hood. I’ll never be cold again.

It’s too awesome. And totally looks like something for a kid.

Yesterday it was sunny. And kind of warm. I think spring is finally about to spring. I walked around during lunch sucking in the warmth. Soon.

Then I made some food for my returning hero. George won their basketball game. The first win since his injury in 2014.

The face of a winner.

Then we watched more Lost. My life now.

Lost in Lost

Hold your horses, she is posting twice in a day. It is a Monday, work is quiet and I have a whole Sunday to show you so why not go a bit wild and crazy.

Woke up and was a bit hangy (drank like all the koskue gin and the board game night) so George brought me our drunken breakfast shopping (aceing this) to tie me over while he made me breakfast in bed. Yes, he is a hero and yes, i dont deserve him.

I didnt get out of bed until 2. Indulging in March blahness outside the window. And to be honest, only got up to go straight to the sofa. I did poke my head out into the garden long enough to pick up some W poo and see that my flowers are still clinging on to life. Keep fighting.

George decided to open his treat from Australia. He has been saving this for more than a month. See the naked need in his eyes.

And i got a belated bday gift from Charlie. A mega candy worm. I didnt eat it because it looks kind of disgusting but im sure my need will take over and ill chow on that one day.

Then we sat down and started the most epic of epic things. Rewatching Lost. I only saw the first two seasons back in days and dont remember anything really and im fucking loving it.

We watched 10 episodes.

My heroes being awesome. W is just so snuggly at the moment and want to sleep really close all the time and George is always a massive snuggler.

The family. A study in sofa life brought to you by the swede, norwegian, bulgarian, aussie and english coalition.

Fairy godmother

Sunday (well. this is not true. Its actually Monday. It was such a pain updating this from the phone yesterday so here goes) and George and me have a busy schedule ahead. We are watching two movies and two series. It’s a hard knock life I’m telling you.

But we have earned that after a lovely but busy weekend. I couldn’t wait to get out of a freezing office on Friday working hard with my little doggo joining me for the day.

Around 4 Filippa showed up. She and Woolly became insta friends. My friends are his friends. We napped for a while (love having an excuse and F being pregnant was all the convincing i needed.)

We then walked through the snow and met Lollo at Havelock for some delicious dinner and girl chat.

On Saturday we took our time waking up and then headed to a muddy Ravenscourt. All the snow had melted and it was deliciously brown. To make it a bit more exciting we hid away among the flowers in the garden centre.

There Filippa surprised me with the sweetest question. If i wanted to be the godmother of the little unborn girl in her belly. Of course i want to. I would love to be closer to my swede family. And any little baby girl of Filippas and Eriks will be to coolest little warrior princess.

After all those emotions we headed home to relax a bit on the sofa and W curled up to his new bff again.

When Filippa left to head back to Sweden we headed on our own journey, all the way to Greenwich for dinner at Amelia and Mikeys.

They had made it super cute in celebration of our engagement with love napkins and a delicious dinner.

George was very appreciative of all the love.

The handsome boys. Amelia and me concluded that you find the best men down under. And that we are pretty lucky with our hot specimens. It is true what they used to say – your soulmate (or just best person ever) really could be on the other side of the world.

They had made this epic fish pie. George looked a bit green (weirdo not eating fish) but actually enjoyed it. You just need to hide the fish behind lots of mash and cheese. Me, i had the best time and massively overate. We finshed off with Mikeys homemade chocolate and orange cake. Foodgasm. Also food baby.

The lovely hostess. I love their place having even more knick knacks than ours. THat is always a good thing in my book. I definitely found my style moving away from all the scandi clean. The more the better.

After dinner we decided to play a board game. George and me were invited to an epic house party in Brixton but look at us being mature (old farts) and go for the boardgame instead.

Settlers of Catan. I won. I never win. Might also be because i never play. Apparently this is what the kids play. Look at me being young. Especially talking about what the kids do.

A scottish treat at Mac and wild

Friday! And Filippa is in town. Very excited about the state of things today. I did manage to go see her yesterday, braved the weather and showed my true viking self. That might have involved a lot of sliding around on the ice but dont blame a girl for losing her ice legs having been in London for 8 years.

The restaurant i chose was next to the scandi shop. Very happy coincident and i came out with loads of candy. You need candy in the snow.

We went to Mac and Wild. A scottish influenced restaurant with focus on meat and whiskey. Nothing wrong with that. Here im drinking an irn bru cocktail. (for those of you that havent heard of this excellent drink, its like the national drink of Scotland. Like julmust for us swedes.)

Pregnant Filippa came tumbling in from the snow and we decided to try some Haggis. It wasnt my favourite but not as bad as some people say.

Haggis pops. She asked to eat something that you cant find in Stockholm and i felt like this really fit the bill. You definitely dont find haggis on your standard menu.

We went a bit more traditional on the main. Venison and mash. So delicious. Loving the scottish thistle plates as well.

And then the dessert. Deep fried mars bars with ice cream and fudge sauce. I. cant. Even. I dont even like deep fried stuff but this was a little taste of heaven.

This morning went out with Woolly in the winter wonderland London is still giving us.He loves running around in the snow and barely knows what to do with himself.

I wore traditional winter fashion. Still like an icicle when i came home.

Snow way

Yes, i know there is a lot of snow pictures at the moment but bear with me, this NEVER happens in London. It also means that the whole city have more or less grinded to a halt. Only a third of the people are in the office (Im one of them, duh) and tubes etc are barely running.

Ive got Filippa in town at the moment so I need to world to spin so i can go see her.

Me and Stu yesterday. This being his first time seeing real snow im teaching him all my tricks. Protect the face. You dont want an icy beard.

Pretty but messy walk for lunch. Because the londoners are so unprepared you see people sliding and falling all over the place.

But this is one happy guy.

Work being quiet i did some tests on how i would look like as a man. Meet Cecilio.

This is so like Jakob. Seriously. I never thought we look particularly alike but here you can definitely see the family resemblance.

And this is like a weird mix between my dad and my older brother. At least you can tell we are all family.

After work i hid under a blanket on the sofa. Other scandi skills im telling my colleagues about. Hide from the world. George was working and Ol held on to Woolly because of the tubes. So it was just me in my lonesome.

So I took out the lapdog (my tray. Its for the lap with dogs on. Get it? :)) and ate a culinary treat with tunnbrod and watched some anime. Hell to the yes.

This morning woke up to more snow. Being brave and strong and having shit loads of meetings I decided to go on even if its unofficial snow day.

Its pretty much only my team in. Because they are heroes.