Bread and butter pickle

The weather is SO depressing today. I have totally given in to being a complaining london person today that cant talk about anything but the weather. Because its 4 degrees and im wearing a winter jacket. Its just wrong.

Btw dad, i think you can follow this link if you want to check out Jakobs travel instagram. You dont even need instagram, just a daughter who blogs you the link.

It was freezing yesterday as well when Katta and me went for a walk. 2 hours along the river. Then we met George at the Grove for Linner (lunch/dinner). The food was quite boring but the company awesome.

W cozied up under my jacket. How i wish i was a dog sometimes. Especially when the sky is punishing us with drizzle and cold.

My hairy heroes. Love these little monsters.

Apple crumble dessert. Yes. Needed some warm apples after the super cold walk.

Came home to George already getting my boomerang drink all ready to go. He brought me a Found cake on Saturday night.

Perfect Sunday treat when you are watching I, Tonya and eating twisties all the way from Australia.

Also spicing it up with home made bread and butter pickle. Deirdre got this for us knowing how much we love pickle backs. It is the first thing we had after we got engaged after all.

The world is slow today and i have just booked a trip to sweden at the end of the month and soon heading home to work the afternoon from the flat with Woolly. He is going on holiday with his grandmother for a week so i have him for the day.

Sunday funday

Sunday lazy times. It’s cold again. 5 degrees outside. So we sit on the sofa and chill. My man, my dog and I.

Yesterday we went to see Avengers infinity war. So very bad assely awesome. Me and all the boys. I had to go home to W after but George got to have a drink at found. We can’t both be boring sofa people all weekend.

Before movie I tried to make George into a spring boy by adorning him with one of my absolute favourite flowers. Lilacs. They are blooming all over London now. That smell is childhood and never ending summer nights in Stockholm for me.

Also, can you see how much George just love the English outside.

I played with the greenery like the kid I am. It was a rainy day but doggo needs to be walked. Always.

Today it’s a cold and dark day so I get to light my candles and drink too many cups of tea.

I’ve just caught up with my girls back home and soon heading out for a walk with Katta so Sunday, I’m owning you big time.

Im working remotely so call me maybe

Long day yesterday. The hangover had me in a firm grip all day and loads of meetings. Remind me to NOT drink when im in Paris. I did have a steak for lunch though and that was a life saver.

At least i could enjoy myself with the Goteborgshumor of our working from home signs.

No lack of imagination when it comes to play on words in these ones.

Like seriously. Not even sure how to feel about this because it so bad

Extremely hangover waiting for the Eurostar. At least i didnt have to fly. Silver lining.

And i came home to my hairy heroes. George had bought food and Woolly licked me all over. Best family ever.

Tonight im going to do absolutely nothing. Glorious, sweet nothing. And next week the big campaign at work will be live so should be able to breathe again.

Sweet dreams are made of cheese

Im stupidly hangover today. I did not plan for that to happen. Normally Paris is just me going straight back to the hotel doing nothing. I dont exactly hang with my colleagues after work and the few friends i have here dont get to see my beautiful face very often.

Everything started the same way as normal yesterday. I went back to the hotel and crashed. Laid on my bed and saw the world pass by outside my window. Not particularly sad about that.

I was even so anti social i couldnt face going for dinner by myself yet another time. So i had dinner on my bed. Like a champ (and oh god did the room smell like cheese this morning. Sorry room).

But then i got a message on my somewhat tragic insta posts (and thanks to you Jules that actually asked if i was ok. On your birthday). Sven is in Paris as well. Lazy as i am i thought long and hard about pretending to not see his message until i realised i havent seen him in ages and of course we need to meet up for a drink.

So we did. Just up the road with his friend Mina and her boyfriend Thomas.

And yeah, Svens got a new tattoo. Thats something for you mum…

We were such awesome guests that the bartender gave us shots when we closed the place (learning from my man how to befriend people wherever i go). Not that we needed them but you dont look a gifted horse in the mouth.

So we went to the next place. Called Robin and Mark in London and talked shit. As you do. By this time we were both pretty smashed. Paris, sun and friends you havent seen in ages do that to you. And gin and tonics. They defo do that to you.

By 2 (ugh) we parted ways and i went back to a cheese fuelled room.

“Sweet dreams are made of cheese. Who am I to diss a brie. I cheddar the world & the feta cheese. Everybody’s looking for Stilton…”

Today not so impressed with the world. This is why i hide when im here. Tackling the french while hanging is not my idea of fun.

But i will be strong.

Hello Sweden

Got a message from Sweden. How i miss my family and friends when i see this. Im in dire need of going back for a couple of days and will try and plan it soon. I pitched the idea to George but lets just say i was not super excited. Being stuck in the forest with no means of escape is his idea of hell.

But, im not unhappy going by myself. A couple of days in the forest and some in Sthlm. Dream.

Last night on the sofa. Mentally preparing myself for Paris. Its always interesting going there. Next time ill try and stay for a little longer and make it more of a pleasure going there.

W decided to dominate me. His new things is to stand on my chest and lick my face. Im sure its some weird doggo thing.

Then George came home and we watched the new Westworld. Its epic. And getting weirder and weirder. I barely got half of it. Cant wait for some epic summer TV.

Left the house early this morning. While im gone George is planning a full day gaming on the sofa. He needs it and im just glad he doesnt do that when im around.

Me, im just going to eat something quick and then go hide at the hotel. Its even raining here today so dont need to feel bad about missing the lovely Paris weather.

Back to black

Worked from home yesterday. I have pulled my back (felt very old, remembering my dad doing that all the time when i was a kid) and decided to stay on the sofa in this kind of awkward position. It is a luxury being able to work from home when needed.

I watched the documentary about Avicii. Its so sad. This is one of few times i got really affected by a celebrity death. I guess its because he feels like just another swede growing up in my old hoods. 28 is way too young. And his songs have been the soundtrack to the last 10 years.

It reminds me of how hard on the bodies and minds this euphoric festival/edm partying is. And why im just a tad too old. Will never stop loving an all night Ibiza party but im now a person who pulls her back…

A picture of George and me from the gin off. Some happy gin fueled smiles. Love being out and about with him.

W and me on the sofa taking care of my back. It worked, its so much better today.

Off to Paris tomorrow so short week in the office. Hoping for sun and steaks. Thats when Paris is at its best. Except for the Paris trip I have nothing planned this week. Not entirely unhappy about that. Could do some day drinking Saturday. Celebrating spring.

Little baby Sophie

What a sunny, glorious weekend. A taste of summer in the middle of April. I even got a dusting of tan. I know i keep going on about it but how i love my garden. Its been growing like mad out there in the sun and in a couple of months ill be able to enjoy fresh smultron, strawberries, tomatoes and maybe even cucumber. One can dream. And keep watering.

This was me pretty much all weekend. Its colder today and no sun but i feel soaked so i dont mind.

On Saturday i went up to meet the new member of the london family. Little baby sophie. Half poish, half french. Proud daddy and little angel 4 week old baby.

We went to the curve in Dalston and baby slept happily when mum and dad enjoyed their sunny day.

This lil dude was less happy but he was a hero and stayed chilled among all the people and music.

Baby mummy being an expert. So sweet to see them with their little girl.

She was not as unappy as she looks, i swear. Natalia was going to have her first night out in almost a year so Jean was on baby duty.

After some hours in the sun we went to a street party down the road. Love london and its ability to throw a party anywhere. Me and Woolly shared a susuk wrap before heading home. George had a big night out planned and i was on doggy duty so ready for the sofa come evening.

Breakfast in the sun. Me and Woolly were up early to walk to Ravenscourt and for me to buy the last bits for the garden. More soil and some pots as well as oregano and thyme. Now i have it all. Welcome all who wants to pick their own herbs and just chill in Londons most loved garden.

Lured this guy out. Its harder than you think. I cooked some food and put it outside. I have my tricks.

Then i was supposed to go cheer Lollo on running the marathon but bringing W would have been a nightmare (great excuse) so i stayed in the sun like a pro.

I mean, nothing compare to Lollo than run a freaking marathon.

In the evening we had dinner at the Orange. And drinks. Lollo went all in. Earned it after the MARATHON (yeah, seriously impressed). A happy crew including her mum all the way from Sweden.

Ma boys were at home not missing me by the looks of it. Oh well.

Sunny afternoon

Yesterday was another gorgeous day in London. From tomorrow it’ll go back to more normal spring weather but I’m living the shit out of this having breakfast in the garden in just a summer dress.

I snuck home in the afternoon to hang w my man. Finally got him to enjoy the outside.

Our flamingo has gotten a little friend wrapping himself around him. Feeling truly tropical.

A sun bed each. That is garden goals. George slept I worked. Good split.

Look at my smultron (wild strawberries). These babies will be delicious if we keep seeing some sun.

My garden is not looking too shabby. This is my jasmine and I’m also growing strawberries, courgettes, gladiolus and almost killing a peony.

After garden times I went to Katta’s for dinner with Ella and Madde. It was lovely and delicious and so nice and I took 0 photos because having too much of a good time.

Love my friends and love London.

Pina colada dreams

My thursday was all kinds of amazing. I got to run the playlist at work (90s and early 00’s gold), the team bought ice creams, i got to work outside in the office garden and i had a great chat with my boss. Like a really good chat that put some of my worries for the last couple of months to rest.

Basically he told me that he will do whats needed to keep me. And that my team is one of the happiest in the company and they are not touching it.

Fucking yes (sorry for the swearing but i kind of played the ‘ill leave card’ and it payed off and i can protect my team. To me that is a win all around)

Not looking as happy as i feel. But, sitting outside and thats pretty banging. And wearing a summer dress with bare legs. Its was 29 degrees yesterday. Probably the warmest day of the year.

After work met this guy for a picnic in Holland Park. Us and half of London. When George saw me he kind of knew i got good news, he said i had happy eyes again and didnt look like i was carrying the world on my shoulders.

So he told me about the stress hes been carrying as well. We always try and protect each other and end up bottling it up. But we drank ciders and talked about all the good and the bad over the last couple of weeks.

I love that i can talk about everything with this guy. And that he will see when im not there yet but wait me out until im ready. Ive never met anyone that gets me like that before. He truly is the best support i could ask for because he gets what i need. And he always makes me laugh.

I took artistic pictures of my favourite cider.

And had a little moment with corny. Not unhappy about the hairy chest on display. George dressing up for my enjoyment.

After a couple of hours in the park we headed to Trailer Happiness for their pina colada and Rasa.

But Rasa wasnt there. So we had to do with the drinks.

Yes please. Their pina coladas taste of heaven. I kid you not.

Me pretend listening to George and the bartender while taking selfies of myself looking like im not aware of the pic taken.

Yeah, im that guy.

George was cute with a tiki umbrella. He was also a bit tipsy from the drinks.

More artistic photos. Who needs professional photographers when you have me and an iphone?

Around 10 we headed home and i went straight for bed. George however was not taking well to whatever cream they used in the drinks and couldnt sleep all night.

Came in this morning to Red velvet cake pops from the amazing Pastry so Tasty. Seriously. My team is too good to me.

Perfect breakfast when you have a tiny pineapple hang over from last night.

Tonight having a drink with Ella west and then enjoying the shit out of the weather over the weekend. I have W all weekend so him and me will chill all over London. Pro chillers.

Book of Mormon

Summer! England skipped spring and went straight for 26 degrees. Not complaning. George and me are meeting for picnic in Holland Park tonight and then a couple of pina coladas at Trailer Happiness. Life!

Yesterdays summer outfit. Black as my soul. Got a little dusting of colour on my nose. Just a tiny hint though, im an ice queen from the north. Not like George who just have to see the sun to get a sexy tan.

Wore funky trousers. Felt very french riviera. Minus the meetings. They were part of my little shopping spree at HM. Spreading some pattern love.

Afternoon ice cream. A must when its more than 20 degrees out for the first time this year. I had forgotten the glorious feeling of sun on my face. Never leave me again. Also, how delicious isnt cornetto. I feel like im moving into old people ice cream taste. No more bubblegum calippo, the classics is the best.

After work George and me met up for pre theatre dinner. Ramen from Shoryo. And mojitos because sun. George showing his australian by wearing Christmas jumper in the 20 degree heat.

And then it was time for the days main event. Book of Mormon. Love that musical and George had the best time ever. Love to hear him laugh like that. Thank you Stu, Emma and Harry for getting this for our engagament.

Heres a video of me laughing in the form of a pig. Its an animjo. An animated emoji. Look at me keeping up with the kids. Also hilarious.