The little Easter get away

Happy Easter everyone! George and me are hiding away in the English countryside. I love it, george…well, let’s just say he is definitely a big city kid.

We arrived at our lovely hotel on Friday. The great house at Sonning. Only an hour outside London and very prettily just by the river.

After getting settled in we went for dinner at the hotel restaurant. Food was delicious. Good thing since little did we know that we would have to eat here for Every. Single. Meal.

Don’t go to a popular village over Easter without booking your dinners folks.

Woke up nice and early (haha, who am I fooling. It was midday) to have some brekkie before me dragging George out to a countryside walk.

One super happy guy.

It was so nice and lovely. You know, all sunny and English.

‘Damn you countryside for being all muddy’

We passed some interesting river stuff. Like this ramshackle pirate building.

Before finally reaching our goal. Tesco’s. Only an hour walking away.

I had a feeling good would be hard to come by so made sure my man had all the eating at hand.

Then we went for an hard earned cider. In sunny Reading (seriously, England can be pretty damn ugly).

But not our little dreamy village. After the adventure into Reading we went out to find dinner.

I asked if we should call and book but according to George ‘it’s a pub, on Easter. It won’t be full’.

Big city kid, told ya. They are booked up until Monday. Everyone of the villages 3 restaurants.

So we came back to our hotel, chilled by the fire and ate some dinner. Life win. Eating, sleeping, chillin vanillin.

Then back to bed. Don’t want to overdo it. This is Gs Easter egg. Because I’m a champ and I make sure he always has a steady supply of chocolate goodies.

Day ended with watching Lost until 3am. Easter accomplished.

Today it’s raining so I think we’ll head straight for the pub.

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