The big Easter Egg hunt

Back in London. The best thing about going one hour out of London is that you are only one hour out of London.

After delicious breakfast at the Coppa Club (our new favourite restaurant) we decided to head back. Place needs a bit of clean and need to get my head back in the game for work tomorrow.

After breakfast in bed (avert your eyes dad) we left the room for our second exciting day in Sonning.

We were off to do the Easter Egg hunt.

We smashed it like the heroes we are (and grown ups, it might have been for kids).

And also got to hang with some baby bunnies.

A man and his furry friend.

After all that we went to claim our prize. Cream Eggs. Doesn’t get more English Easter than that.

Then we walked around the very picturesque village of Sonning. All very posh and pretty.

We found the medieval pub and decided that this was our goal for the day. (Also, look at the fancy cars. Not cheap having a country house in England…)

Gin and tonics outside. Almost warm (don’t mind my hat and scarf and puffa jacket. Ok, it was freezing).

George doing what George do. Watch Colbert even if you are in a place with zero reception.

Then we headed into the pub for lunch. It was filled with families and us. I didn’t mind, had my booze.

Bangers and mash plus Sunday roast. I feel like we owned this whole countryside thing.

After food we did what every self respecting couple on their holiday would do. Went straight back to bed.

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