Going off world

Back at work after our get away. It was lovely and so needed after a pretty busy couple of months. The only thing missing was the sun but you cant win them all.

So tired this morning. Have for real slept too much these days (sorry everyone with kids). Last night George was talking in his sleep and kept waking me up. Very cure though. He was mostly laughing and exclaiming that things were  awesome.

To brighten up this Tuesday after a long holiday lets look at some pictures from Wednesdays Bladerunner Secret cinema.

Stu and me got changed at work. I was some kind of scavenger princess in tutu and my BM glasses. And see the touch of dirt on my face.

George rocked his steam punk glasses and top hat. Im totally going to say that about ouselves but couple goals. If i didnt know us i would like to hang with us.

As i would like to hang with this whole crew. Coolest kids on the block.

I was very happy about my light up brollie since the sky completely opened up and it started pouring down.

It will just be a lot of pics of us outside since you are not allowed to take pictures inside. 5 hours without a phone. Millenial hell.

We had the best time though. Not giving away any details (secret cinema duh) but it was totally like living one of my sci fi dreams.

And once the movie started i made George come out and get drunk with me. Who needs a movie to watch when you got the whole world to explore.

I started talking to the movie designing these events and gave her some (in my mind) excellent ideas for the upcoming ones. Wonder if i can put Secret Cinema consultant on my business card.

After the event we headed back into town. The night was NOT over yet. I had so much more fun in me.

But first, photo op. I had got everyone with my UV paint and Leanne brought LED lights. Yes, i was in costume heaven. One day ill have a walk in closet full of costumes.

Ok, this is even more couple goals. Drunk ass and dressed up.

Celebrating that its two years since we met Dom at secret cinema when George and me went on one of those early dates.

No, you can totally not sit with us.

Then we went to Hoxton hotel to meet up with Bianca and Dora. It was Dora bday and as i said, not done with the night yet.

Yes, made the bday girl glowstick glasses. Because everyone needs that on their birthday. Should be common knowledge by now.

Then we kept at it. Partying and having the best time with new found friends.

Lets just say i was very happy i had the day off when i woke up on thursday. George, being a hero, took care of me before heading to work.

Then i got myself pizza and chilled on the sofa watching This is us. God i cried. Like all the water works. Best series ive seen in years but so so sad at times.

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