Secret garden

I went a bit overboard yesterday in my longing for spring and bought two recliner chairs, one heater and hell of a lot more flowers for our garden. Its going to be the best garden in London. If we get sun. I just have this dream of being able to sit out there, reading books and getting a slight tan. Its my plan for the summer. Too bad i live in London…

I also signed upp for a new phone. I had this epiphany that since my phone is by far the thing i use the most (i basically read, watch all movies and live my entire life on that thing) maybe I need a more updated one than Iphone 5. So, soon ill be a proud owner of an Iphone X. See me rollin.

My last decision is to come out of this hibernation ive been in all winter. Work has been a big stress (its very unstable at the moment and lots of people are getting fired which means everyone is on their tippy toes and as a business unit manager i cant really assure them since, well, i dont really know what going) but i need to let that go. So, that is what i will do. Happy thoughts.

Last night Stu moved in with us again for a week so we celebrated with turkish. W totally forgot he was upset with me being away for 4 days and did his ‘im so cute you have to give me food’ thing. And he was exactly that cute.

One little minchkin filled to the brim with delicious chicken.

Going to work from home tomorrow. No meetings and that means i can work from the garden (cross fingers for sun) and pot around a bit. Getting it ready for all of those never ending bank holidays in May.

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