Team night yesterday. As a manager i decide thats needed from time to time. So i made everyone go bowl. As a team that is not our strongest side, good thing we are nice and like eachother. And we are not too shabby at the drinking.

We went to Queens bowling up at Queensway. Started with dinner at Meat liqour. The boys loved that. The lads in my team have a thing for football, deep fried food and beer. Surprising huh.

Stu and Henry bromancing about what burger they are about to share.

Team. Pretty damn fantastic. Even if i got some news today that made me a bit sad. But oh well, thats life.

Not too unhappy about my dinner myself. Cheeseburger and hash browns with dead hippie sauce (dont ask).

And then. The best thing i have ever tasted. Banoffee pie boozy milkshake. Seriously. It was all kinds of awesome. Im going to have to come back just for that. Banana ice cream is a favourite but with added caramel sauce and alcohol it might be The Best Thing Ever.

Team photo. All hugging the tiny one. She didnt want to bowl but the guys bullied her into it. No saying no to your family.

Some serious bowling action going down.

Team! Slightly blurry around the edges. I blame the boozy shakes.

I was supposed to be Faster Harder. Instead i was Fasten. Maybe because fasten wasnt neither fast not hard. She kind of sucked to be honest.

One more for the road. The boys all trying to do Henrys ‘cute’ face. With varying success. Especially Martin has a bit to go.

Then George came and picked me up and we went home. Not too late on school night is my thing.

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