The Kyro take over

Life huh. A tricky trickster. In general all is dandy in my world but work is a killer at the moment. The Joker to my Batman. Laughing evily and causing mayhem in my tiny little brain. My thing is to solve and get away from things that are not good. But for reasons i cant solve this situation. So instead it loops in my head. On repeat. And every time i make peace with it something new happens.

And there we go again.

Like yesterday. I had decided to just roll with things. Life tend to work itself out in the end and no use dwelling. Then i had a conversation with my manager confirming things im worried about and i just couldnt cope. My brain just short circuited. I think it will work out but i felt so drained.

So i decided to meet up with Katta having a similarily bad day and head up to Found for drinks and hugs. With focus on the hugs.

At Found George and Adrien was doing a Kyro take over. Delicious drinks added to the standard menu. Look at these boys! If i was single i would totally hit on the bartender. Oh wait…been there done that.

Stu, Katta and me took one of our winning selfies. There is a couple of us enjoying the sights and sounds of Found (yeah, i mean drinks). Stephen in the background. He did some pep talk to me on the whole work thing. Hero.

Kyro take over looking gooooood in the bar.

Bromancing. Adrien is the sweetest. He kept supplying me with drinks all night. Way to my heart.

A coriandrum. If it wasnt for the vermouth i would have 5 of them. I did have a sneaky one hoping it would be little enough wineish stuff to set me off. It was. I feel ok today.

Yes Kyro you beautiful gin. I do love my cucumber Hendricks but you keep winning me over one delicious drink at a time.

Then i had some selfie training with Katta. She feels like she doesnt have that silly selfie face that always makes you look stooopid but kinda cute so we worked a bit on that. We all know im the queen of silly sefies.

This is number 10 of like 50. She is getting there. I feel like she needs to commit the whole face a bit more. Just go for it heart, soul and face muscles.

Or ill just do it for her. Squishing her nose around.

Getting a selfie friend. Arbi being home from one of his many Thailand trips. I want to commute to a sunny beach as well.

Yes Dom, youve got skills to pay the bills.

Tired Found crew. Great work, busy all night and drinks to make everyone fall in love with some kyro magic.

One last selfie before home time. Today feeling it but its Friday and ill be sofa bound with mini man all night. Hands up for Friday.

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