Bella and Alex getting hitched

Its supposed to be up to 26 degrees this week. Dreaming about being able to work from home one of the days but think itll be impossible. Oh well, dinners in the garden.

Woolly and me Saturday morning. King Woolly. Yet another bed for that little hero.

We were off for Bella and Alexs wedding (Bella is a friend of Georges from Sydney) and after realizing that we had exactly 20 minutes to get ready smashed our outfits.

Shameless sun selfie on the tube. Good thing about owning every dress in the world is that getting ready for a wedding in 20 minutes is no biggie.

Swag. Coolest cats in town. George and me now both have this is our FB profile pic. Yeah, we are that couple. Deal with it.

George, Bella and Bella’s mum. Love the skirt. Such a lovely bride and George unwittingly matching the bride.

The bride and groom waiting to go in. We were at Hackney town hall. Lovely building. Love how happy the both look.

Court room selfie. My hair being an absolute mane. Maybe time for a trim.

Tried to take a selfie of the two of us. Got this from George. Love you too babe.

Husband and wife <3.

Jo was the bridesmaid. I did an ever lasting impression by accidently knocking her champagne glass all over her when we got to the reception. Cant take me anywhere.

What a man i have. Cant wait to make him my husband. But it will have to wait, at least for a bit. Until then i dream of all the glowsticks ill get for our wedding party.

Delicious wedding cake. Ill dream of that today when im eating healthy salmon and salad.

After a lovely day in a sun drenched garden with a buffet filled with food it was time for husband and wife to dance the first dance. What a happy, sweet day for the two of them. So glad to see them this much in love and being so right for each other.

Around 9 we headed to Found for a drink before crashing at home before midnight. Long day but more than that, loooong week for both of us. Im aiming for this week to be a lazy, sunny one.

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