A sad day

Dealing with some sad news this morning. You know when I was all upset on thursday and got drunk at Found. Well, partly because my boss tried to do some changes in the organisation that would have sucked for me and the team (told him ill walk out in that case) but mostly because Stevie is leaving the company.

Stevie, my right hand man, who has been with me through this journey. He sat next to me in the beginning dealing with the french, the failing systems and being generally hated but he also built an amazing team with me and have helped us get to where we are today.

He will be missed. Like Sita says ‘CRM mum and dad are getting divorced.’

Some sad faces this morning. Sita actually started crying. Im fearing a bit for the team. We have it tough enough as it is and Stevie has been the glue. Ill do my best to keep them happy but there is so much else on my plate.

On the other hand, great opportunities for growth in the team. And change is needed.

Met George for lunch yesterday. Needed a break from the office and this hot guy treated me to Laksa at Street Eats.

Brothy goodness. He was working in the evening so nice to spend some time together. I know ive been doing a lot of sofa time lately so nice to get out and see some people. Or like George said ‘in the beginning when you were still trying to impress me and went out and partied to late’

Lets just say 2 more years and hell of a lot more stressful a job have made the 6am home time almost impossible.

Me and my new phone are having an awesome time together. Everything looks pretty.

After lunch i went to HM. Was looking for summer shoes but i caved and bought way too much stuff. Ill return some today. Im being fairly good on my shopping (dont look at me like that Katta, im way under budget this month) but it was totally therapeutic yesterday. Thats the dangerous kind.

George sent me bored pics from Found. I was aiming to sit out in the garden for dinner but it got really windy so opted to stay inside instead. Lazy ass on the sofa.

Found my doggo stealing food from my plate. Naughty. So he got to sleep on the other side of the sofa. He know he did bad hence the rolled up, look how small and cute i am, look. Aint fooling me.

Tonight going to see Book of Mormon with George. Gift from Harry, Emma and Stu. Exactly what i need on a sunny day like today.

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