Book of Mormon

Summer! England skipped spring and went straight for 26 degrees. Not complaning. George and me are meeting for picnic in Holland Park tonight and then a couple of pina coladas at Trailer Happiness. Life!

Yesterdays summer outfit. Black as my soul. Got a little dusting of colour on my nose. Just a tiny hint though, im an ice queen from the north. Not like George who just have to see the sun to get a sexy tan.

Wore funky trousers. Felt very french riviera. Minus the meetings. They were part of my little shopping spree at HM. Spreading some pattern love.

Afternoon ice cream. A must when its more than 20 degrees out for the first time this year. I had forgotten the glorious feeling of sun on my face. Never leave me again. Also, how delicious isnt cornetto. I feel like im moving into old people ice cream taste. No more bubblegum calippo, the classics is the best.

After work George and me met up for pre theatre dinner. Ramen from Shoryo. And mojitos because sun. George showing his australian by wearing Christmas jumper in the 20 degree heat.

And then it was time for the days main event. Book of Mormon. Love that musical and George had the best time ever. Love to hear him laugh like that. Thank you Stu, Emma and Harry for getting this for our engagament.

Heres a video of me laughing in the form of a pig. Its an animjo. An animated emoji. Look at me keeping up with the kids. Also hilarious.

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