Pina colada dreams

My thursday was all kinds of amazing. I got to run the playlist at work (90s and early 00’s gold), the team bought ice creams, i got to work outside in the office garden and i had a great chat with my boss. Like a really good chat that put some of my worries for the last couple of months to rest.

Basically he told me that he will do whats needed to keep me. And that my team is one of the happiest in the company and they are not touching it.

Fucking yes (sorry for the swearing but i kind of played the ‘ill leave card’ and it payed off and i can protect my team. To me that is a win all around)

Not looking as happy as i feel. But, sitting outside and thats pretty banging. And wearing a summer dress with bare legs. Its was 29 degrees yesterday. Probably the warmest day of the year.

After work met this guy for a picnic in Holland Park. Us and half of London. When George saw me he kind of knew i got good news, he said i had happy eyes again and didnt look like i was carrying the world on my shoulders.

So he told me about the stress hes been carrying as well. We always try and protect each other and end up bottling it up. But we drank ciders and talked about all the good and the bad over the last couple of weeks.

I love that i can talk about everything with this guy. And that he will see when im not there yet but wait me out until im ready. Ive never met anyone that gets me like that before. He truly is the best support i could ask for because he gets what i need. And he always makes me laugh.

I took artistic pictures of my favourite cider.

And had a little moment with corny. Not unhappy about the hairy chest on display. George dressing up for my enjoyment.

After a couple of hours in the park we headed to Trailer Happiness for their pina colada and Rasa.

But Rasa wasnt there. So we had to do with the drinks.

Yes please. Their pina coladas taste of heaven. I kid you not.

Me pretend listening to George and the bartender while taking selfies of myself looking like im not aware of the pic taken.

Yeah, im that guy.

George was cute with a tiki umbrella. He was also a bit tipsy from the drinks.

More artistic photos. Who needs professional photographers when you have me and an iphone?

Around 10 we headed home and i went straight for bed. George however was not taking well to whatever cream they used in the drinks and couldnt sleep all night.

Came in this morning to Red velvet cake pops from the amazing Pastry so Tasty. Seriously. My team is too good to me.

Perfect breakfast when you have a tiny pineapple hang over from last night.

Tonight having a drink with Ella west and then enjoying the shit out of the weather over the weekend. I have W all weekend so him and me will chill all over London. Pro chillers.

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