Sunny afternoon

Yesterday was another gorgeous day in London. From tomorrow it’ll go back to more normal spring weather but I’m living the shit out of this having breakfast in the garden in just a summer dress.

I snuck home in the afternoon to hang w my man. Finally got him to enjoy the outside.

Our flamingo has gotten a little friend wrapping himself around him. Feeling truly tropical.

A sun bed each. That is garden goals. George slept I worked. Good split.

Look at my smultron (wild strawberries). These babies will be delicious if we keep seeing some sun.

My garden is not looking too shabby. This is my jasmine and I’m also growing strawberries, courgettes, gladiolus and almost killing a peony.

After garden times I went to Katta’s for dinner with Ella and Madde. It was lovely and delicious and so nice and I took 0 photos because having too much of a good time.

Love my friends and love London.

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