Back to black

Worked from home yesterday. I have pulled my back (felt very old, remembering my dad doing that all the time when i was a kid) and decided to stay on the sofa in this kind of awkward position. It is a luxury being able to work from home when needed.

I watched the documentary about Avicii. Its so sad. This is one of few times i got really affected by a celebrity death. I guess its because he feels like just another swede growing up in my old hoods. 28 is way too young. And his songs have been the soundtrack to the last 10 years.

It reminds me of how hard on the bodies and minds this euphoric festival/edm partying is. And why im just a tad too old. Will never stop loving an all night Ibiza party but im now a person who pulls her back…

A picture of George and me from the gin off. Some happy gin fueled smiles. Love being out and about with him.

W and me on the sofa taking care of my back. It worked, its so much better today.

Off to Paris tomorrow so short week in the office. Hoping for sun and steaks. Thats when Paris is at its best. Except for the Paris trip I have nothing planned this week. Not entirely unhappy about that. Could do some day drinking Saturday. Celebrating spring.

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