Hello Sweden

Got a message from Sweden. How i miss my family and friends when i see this. Im in dire need of going back for a couple of days and will try and plan it soon. I pitched the idea to George but lets just say i was not super excited. Being stuck in the forest with no means of escape is his idea of hell.

But, im not unhappy going by myself. A couple of days in the forest and some in Sthlm. Dream.

Last night on the sofa. Mentally preparing myself for Paris. Its always interesting going there. Next time ill try and stay for a little longer and make it more of a pleasure going there.

W decided to dominate me. His new things is to stand on my chest and lick my face. Im sure its some weird doggo thing.

Then George came home and we watched the new Westworld. Its epic. And getting weirder and weirder. I barely got half of it. Cant wait for some epic summer TV.

Left the house early this morning. While im gone George is planning a full day gaming on the sofa. He needs it and im just glad he doesnt do that when im around.

Me, im just going to eat something quick and then go hide at the hotel. Its even raining here today so dont need to feel bad about missing the lovely Paris weather.

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