Im working remotely so call me maybe

Long day yesterday. The hangover had me in a firm grip all day and loads of meetings. Remind me to NOT drink when im in Paris. I did have a steak for lunch though and that was a life saver.

At least i could enjoy myself with the Goteborgshumor of our working from home signs.

No lack of imagination when it comes to play on words in these ones.

Like seriously. Not even sure how to feel about this because it so bad

Extremely hangover waiting for the Eurostar. At least i didnt have to fly. Silver lining.

And i came home to my hairy heroes. George had bought food and Woolly licked me all over. Best family ever.

Tonight im going to do absolutely nothing. Glorious, sweet nothing. And next week the big campaign at work will be live so should be able to breathe again.

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