Sunday funday

Sunday lazy times. It’s cold again. 5 degrees outside. So we sit on the sofa and chill. My man, my dog and I.

Yesterday we went to see Avengers infinity war. So very bad assely awesome. Me and all the boys. I had to go home to W after but George got to have a drink at found. We can’t both be boring sofa people all weekend.

Before movie I tried to make George into a spring boy by adorning him with one of my absolute favourite flowers. Lilacs. They are blooming all over London now. That smell is childhood and never ending summer nights in Stockholm for me.

Also, can you see how much George just love the English outside.

I played with the greenery like the kid I am. It was a rainy day but doggo needs to be walked. Always.

Today it’s a cold and dark day so I get to light my candles and drink too many cups of tea.

I’ve just caught up with my girls back home and soon heading out for a walk with Katta so Sunday, I’m owning you big time.

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