Bread and butter pickle

The weather is SO depressing today. I have totally given in to being a complaining london person today that cant talk about anything but the weather. Because its 4 degrees and im wearing a winter jacket. Its just wrong.

Btw dad, i think you can follow this link if you want to check out Jakobs travel instagram. You dont even need instagram, just a daughter who blogs you the link.

It was freezing yesterday as well when Katta and me went for a walk. 2 hours along the river. Then we met George at the Grove for Linner (lunch/dinner). The food was quite boring but the company awesome.

W cozied up under my jacket. How i wish i was a dog sometimes. Especially when the sky is punishing us with drizzle and cold.

My hairy heroes. Love these little monsters.

Apple crumble dessert. Yes. Needed some warm apples after the super cold walk.

Came home to George already getting my boomerang drink all ready to go. He brought me a Found cake on Saturday night.

Perfect Sunday treat when you are watching I, Tonya and eating twisties all the way from Australia.

Also spicing it up with home made bread and butter pickle. Deirdre got this for us knowing how much we love pickle backs. It is the first thing we had after we got engaged after all.

The world is slow today and i have just booked a trip to sweden at the end of the month and soon heading home to work the afternoon from the flat with Woolly. He is going on holiday with his grandmother for a week so i have him for the day.

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