The shopping devil

I headed to TK Maxx to buy a soap yesterday. Bad idea. As always i got sucked into the hole that is TK Maxx and came out with way more stuff. Its like a more expensive ikea. You always end up buying more than you needed. Maybe not napkins but at least one smelly candle and some beauty stuff.

Fair enough i will probably use all of it but still. Thats my shopping budget for this month. Spent before the month even started.

Among all the stuff i barely needed i also got some things for my man. When you have shopped all the clothes you need its time for the rest of the family. Bought a toy for Woolly and two t-shirts for George.

Dressing her family since -16

This is my ‘damn, i bought too much shit’ face.

After work i went to pick up W. Its warm again and i went for the summer uniform. White t-shirt and blue jeans.

Seriously, i love my laugh wrinkles. Everyone hates on their wrinkles but i love mine. It reminds me that ive had enough fun in my life to give me laugh wrinkle rather than worry ones.

Bring on more wrinkles. Less impressed with my short, frizzy grey hairs but nothing a little colour cant help when that day comes.

A new pillow. Keeping some of that tiki feeling on the flat. Having a dog pillows go a bit manky no matter how many times you wash them. So my old butterfly one is going to pillow heaven.

And new nail polish. No that i have a dusting of a tan i want to make my hands look even fresher with a bit of neon. Plus makes my ring pop.

When i was about to head to bed got a message from George who was in Manchester for the day. They had cancelled the last train home and he had to take an overnight coach instead. Drowning his sorrows on BK.

He came home at 7.30 this morning. Poor baby.

Back where i belong

London is kinda grey. Typical London. Or, thats not true, its often sunny and warm here but as soon as its rain its living up to its reputation and you have to say ‘typical London’.

I love being back. When you move you truly have two homes and when i get back to sweden i think to myself ‘im home’. But when i land in London and smell the asphalt and the people i feel that im home. Its two different things.

Coming back i woke George up and jumped in bed for a hug. I miss his hugs so bad when we are apart. And his laugh. His laugh is happiness to me.

The rose i got from George in the vase that i schlepped all the way from Sweden. It weighs lika 5kg and is from dads family in Norway. Mum hates it, I love it. And look, its perfect for a single rose.

First thing i did was check the garden. George had taken good care of it and out first home grown thingie was ready for eating.

I tiny wild strawberry. Very proud.

While i was gone the rose bush had exploded with white flowers.

Look. Its like the secret garden in the book i read as a kid. But not so secret maybe, i mean, you can see it from the tube.

It smells of flowers and you can hear birds chirping. So maybe it is a bit like a secret garden after all.

Because summer and warm and finally back home George made us pina coladas. Sunday perfection.

Going to work on tuesday stepping straight into the real world I wore my new ABBA t-shirt.

Whats cooler than cool? Ice cool.

And in the evening Wolly came back home and we do what we do best. Then G and me snuck off to watch Solo (I loved it, it was fun and a not too heavy) and then home to mini man again.

Yes, its amazing being back home with my little family again.

Stockholm you alluring beauty

Filippas baby is on her way!! Yay, finally. I mean, it was partly the reason i was in Sweden to meet my god daughter but that will have to be next time. I did my sacred duty and gave her an epic outfit – a batman onsie with a cape. Because she is a, slightly late, super hero.

Late babies aside, had a banging time in Stockholm.

Came up Saturday lunch to move in with this very colour coordinated family. This is my parents dream. Too bad im more in to black.

My hosts went to a pool party with about 15 kids and I met up with Sanna instead for a quiet lunch on her balcony. Each ot their own.

This is my dream. Getting to catch up with one of my bffs and talk all thingts wedding. She and Peter just got engaged as well. Its something special about having someone on the same wave length as you.

They are however thinking Ibiza and i want the swedish dream. But we both agreed we want something a little less wedding-y and more party. The stripes never fade.

After lunch we went to Vasaparken for a chill session. I ate ice cream, Sanna slept. Nothing better than friends you’ve known for 15 years and can be quiet with.

And look at me working that tan.

After park session i went home for a catch up with Kix and Alex. Hes such a boy now. not a baby any longer. I miss them in London but happy to see that they seem to love their swede life. Easy when its 25 degrees and the world is a flowering dream.

After tea and extremely important chat about life i went back to Sannas for dinner with the girls. Super mega pregnant Filippa. Me thinks baby should have popped out but she clearly likes it in there.

We drank GTs and had a tant party as Kix calls it. Explaning to Alex its when ladies just talk and talk and no playing at all.

He thought it sounded like death.

Sunday morning i got to spend with these two. Olivia and me are becoming bffs. I make funny faces, she laughs. Doesnt need to be harder than that.

She is at the best age. Happy to play with strangers but still old enough to be tossed around.

Told you – bffs. And a steady grip on my glasses.

Next step on the Cissi sthlm tour was Filippa and her family. We sat in their garden, ate shopska (introducing the swedes to some real food) and played with clay.

F and me played. Ingrid was less interested. We were also shit. Maybe that is why she couldnt care less. Oh well, not everyone can be picasso Ingrid.

But then she got balloons and all was well in that little mini angels life. Btw, want her outfit. Like a lil mini raver in Ibiza.

Tour defininitely not done I headed off to Djurgarden to meet family. Sis and little brother. These are my people. My friends are as well but these guys just gets it. Family style.

We walked along Djurgarden and this is my place. Growing up around the corner this is where i spent my childhood and teens. Angst ridden walks along the water or late summer evenings drinking ciders with friends.

My heart ached big time.

Ice cream. Because it is a most. I have a spot in my heart for english mr whippy but i have a hole in my soul for swedish ice cream with tutti frutti strossel.

Yes!! Me and sis ARE the missing members of ABBA. And would totally rock those outfits.

Words cant describe my love for my family. Plus they drank beers with me in the sun on a Sunday. Hands up for the Munthes.

I. Just. Cant.

Sweden ❤

We are coming up to the last stop now (there is only that many hours in a day and even im swift as the wind there is limits to this super hero). Popping by Julia, Masken, Agnes, Flisan and Shadow for a quick baby and dog treat.

Agnes was ish interested in me but i won the heart (or the licking tongue) of Flisan. I take what i can get.

Filled with baby and dog love we headed to italian restaurant Colette in Vasastan for dinner and drinks.

It would turn out it was less on the food and heavy on the drinks. The staff forgot our order and it took us 1.5h to get our food. There is room for a lot of drinks in that time. Baby mommas Jules and Maggie downed that wine like there was no tomorrow.

And preggers F was not happy when she didnt get fed. Seriously, feed a 9 months.

But, the dinner was the perfect end to my Sweden trip. My friends are better than your friends. At least funnier. Promise.

When the lilacs are blooming

Back in London after some awesome days in Sweden. I know you are all eagerly waiting to know how the garden are coming on, and if George managed to care for it when i was away (he did), but that will have to be a later post.

First things first. I present to you Sweden!

Landed on Wednesday to the sea like a mirror and a pretty sunset. At 11. Love early Sweden summer.

I brought a gift. George and me picked this up for my parents on the day of our engagement. Thinking of them on our if day. I think they cared less about that and more about the awesomeness of the gift. A fyllehund as we say in Sweden (a drunken dog). This lil pup instantly got a bottle to care for.

What a night. Only the sound of birds to sing you to sleep.

The day after it was 22 degrees and i walked into Nykoping. The lilacs were blooming everywhere.

This smell is summer to me.

Everywhere was an explosion of colour. And smells. And bees happily buzzing around. Like every dream of summer.

I walked through town and met my parents for lunch. People everywhere and that somewhat disorienting feeling when everone speaks swedish.

Bought myself a new tea cup and a jacket. Plus books. Always swede books when im home.

Then i decided to work on my tan. Put my pale body and out in the garden and got some sun on my booty.

More colours and smells and green and my mind exploded a bit from all the amazingness.

Mum and me went to pick some to make sure the house smelled as good as the outside.

Then it was time for dinner and drinks. Maybe too many drinks. Next time less drinks and more happy thoughts. Unneccessary spending our time arguing.

Brought them another gift. Now they have the matching collection of english royalty.

We left for the country house. It showed its absolutely best side. Sunny and achingly green. I did nothing but walk, eat and read. And sleep of course. Dream life.

This is such a kid thing but i LOVE the taste of summer through straws. Not smultron yet so only straw. Oh well.

I feel very lucky that this is somewhere i can go whenever i need a break. Troll forest.

Picked a bouquet of lily of the valley for my mum. This is another smell that i dream about. Especially mixed with the smell of the forest.

Kind of look like im practicing being a bride with only the horses for company.

Dinner outside in the sun. It was warm until 10. That barely happens in August. I really aced my trip home this time.

My forehead almost matches the house. Thats how it goes when there is no sunscreen but you still need to tan.

Happy, smiley daddy. We ate steak and new potatoes. When Sweden is like this i cant understand why i ever moved away.

Before heading up to Sthlm i showed George how my ring have branded me. Very happy with that branding.

Then i jumped on a train, bag filled with swede things, and headed up to Sthlm and my girls. Plus all their kids. But that will be next time.


Sweden today. Leaving man and hound behind and fly to the land of awesome, pickled food and parents and friends. And what it looks like outstanding weather. Sometimes you are lucky.

I also just booked for me and George to go to Gotland in June for Frippens bday party. He is turning 40 and are having a festival at their place. Love it. They are also amazing enough to let us stay. I mean, if you need someone to be your fetival inspiration i feel like George and me are born for that.

Will love to show George Gotland as well. Double Sweden. Yeah!

Yesterday George came home with a rose. Thank you. Normally he feeds and liquids me which to be honest is for the best since im growing a jungle in our flat and dont necessarily need more flowers.

But, never say no to a rose.

Wearing hearts for my trip to Sweden. Went to primark to pick up some gifts for my unborn goddaughter. You have to bring gifts when you come from another country.

Found the best one. She is a girl but girls can totally be a caped crusader

with an actual cape!!! How cool isnt that!? I want a baby to buy this for but for now ill get it for my god daughter instead. Lucky baby.

So bye guys. Some of you ill see in a couple of days (dad, you get me already tonight) and the rest ill see on the other side of this trip.

Work you are killing me

This is my life at the moment. Sorting out the legal compliancy in our company last minute. Felt like shit this morning but had to get myself together for a couple of meetings this afternoon.

When did i become this person who actually get somewhat stressed out about work? And cares? Oh well, im off from thursday and then its 5 glorious days holiday. Hello sweden.

Yesterday we watched Deadpool. This is George and Harry laughing so much i cant even catch them on photo. Tonight im packing and sorting the flat for the cleaner coming tomorrow having to deal with our party floors.

Then Sweden!! 2 days at the country house and then Sthlm hoping mini baby Filippa has popped out. It will be calm days. I feel all partied out. And want that early summer Sweden smell.

So see you soon all Sweden people.

Lets Flamingle

I love throwing parties but my god, im just not as fond of the aftermath. Im dead today, our flat looks like crap and i have way too much halloumi to eat. Yes, thats real problems man. The boys also want to go see Deadpool. In islington. At 8. Im too old for an hour schlep all through town just for a movie.

Saturday morning. The boys were sleeping and i was up getting shit done from 8. Im the planner and pre fixer, George holds the fort at the party.

First had to walk W since Ol didnt pick him up until 4 (poor doggo hated all the moving and all the people). It was warm and we sent a happy birthday message to Nisse.

Once back home there was shopping, furniture moving, salad chopping and potato boiling to be done. I served french potato salad, shopska, BBQd corn and portobellos with the meat. Look at me almost housewifing.

George woke up, built the BBQ and helped me tiki the place up.

Ready to drink some pina coladas and do some serious dancing in the sun. Our garden becomes an oven in the sun so i got what i wanted.

This tiki queen is ready for some serious partying. I kind of forgot about food and remembered all too well about the drinking. Like a party pro.

W was less impressed.

Tiki vibes. Realised i love a tiki party. All the colours and pina coladas. Plus i got to play my ‘Lets Flamingle’ playlist. Which is basically just my cheese list with all the non summer songs removed.

Its like that hat was made for George.

I had to take a picture of this. Its a baileys and banana colada. It was divine. I think i might have found my perfect dessert drink. I could live on those.

I barely took any pictures having way too much fun so the only ones are of me trying to entice people to show up when they were being late. Elephant mask works a treat.

And because it was the royal wedding Meghan made an appearence. I very sexy Meghan i might add….

People were literally burning in the garden. I did hand uot sunscreen but some are just too cool for school.

Charlie and Deirdre. The party went on for 10 hours and i guess around 50 people came and went through that time. And yes, we could fit all with some good will and love.

My home made banner. There was a lot of flamingleing going down.

Here everything started getting very shaky. Natalia and Jean showed up with baby Sophie and we took pictures for the team.

There was some serious dancing going down and when i woke up i looked out at garden looking like 50 people screamed sang at the top of their lungs to the cheese list for 8h.

Poor garden.

But we made a serious effort and got the place somewhat cleaned up.

It was a really good party and everyone had the best time. But, it will be at least 6 months until next time. Its just too much effort throwing something this big. But, we now have a BBQ and loads of beers so maybe there will be a smaller version.


Date night

On Wednesday George took me out for a date night. Hell yes i said and threw on some nice clothes (i had to change mid way through the day since it was freezing) and got ready to do the town with my man.

We went to Aqvavit first to say hi to Dora and have one of their scandi influenced drinks. This is a cloudberry Bramble. Delicious. And look at the lil bearded swede hipster on the menu. Like the tray Filippa gave us.

George ordered a pickle drink. It tasted amazing for someone who loves pickle backs. He literally inhaled two in the 15 minutes we were there.

And because he, and Dora, are amazing, they made sure i got a herring starter before leaving for our dinner. Herring <3. Thats how you treat a swede.

I still forget to call this awesome human being my fiance. But he is. He is the man i  want to spend my life with. Yes, you you crazy weirdo.

Then we went to Scullys. Scully is a friend of George and his restaurant was a mix between malaysian, australian and contemporary european.

Absolute delicious. Cant remember the last time i ate like that. Smoked avocado with octupus. Hello.

Because its us we had tequila with the crew.

More food. We got more than we ordered because the chef wanted us to try everything. Not saying no. If someone really want me to eat their otherwordly food i will.

We sat opposite the dessert chef so i spent the entire dinner drooling at the desserts. Finally it was time.

This is a rhubarb and ginger marshmallow. Died the food death.

And this is a chocolate sorbet with pistachios and a blueberry vinegar. What dreams are made of.

After dinner we had one more shot before heading home to the mini man. Perfect night out with my person.


Im in full on party planning mood right now. Only 3 more days to go and we need to get everything in order. There is about 50 people coming and we need food and drinks. Thank god for nice weather and BBQ.

As always im the pre planning pro getting everything ordered and communicated and George will be the one looking after everything on the night. That is normally how we do things. By that time im usually just enjoying myself. Ive had my excel times down.

The last couple of days have been pretty chilled. Had W full time so on Monday we had lunch in the sun at home.

And then i came into home made cannelonis by Udays sister in the office. Yes. Between salad and canneloni the tasty stuff always wins.

On tuesday W came into work with me. He was working hard. Getting used to being office dog now.

Especially when mummy takes you out for long lunch time walks. Life of Woolly is not hard im telling you.

Left him at home and then went to the CS office for a celebration. My team have hit the targets for a year in a row. Great work team! As you can see the cake where ravaged before i could even get there.

Went home to pick up W again and then headed to Anglesea Arms for dinner with Ella. Girl talk in the setting sun. Summer how i have missed you. George joined us after dinner and we all had half a drink before heading home.

Tonight George is taking me to dinner at Scullys. Awesome man.

Oxford, not sure you were ready for us

Woolly little monster man is with me in the office today. Even if France is back in the office this week it feels all summery and kind of slow. So he can chill next to me and we can take a long walk during lunch.

Over the weekend I took Katta to Oxford. It was my bday gift to her to take her out for a trip outside London and it was finally time.

We took the early bus and found a place in Oxford for lunch and a drink to get the whole thing started.

I took a banana colada. It was pretty disgusting. But alcohol so hey, not complaining here.

Then we went touristing. Looked at some old houses. Did our duty to culture and all that jazz.

Pretty house.

Pretty house with child posing me in front of it. Totally lifting the picture.

We found a little alley way with slightly less tourists. So we took selfies like you do when you are touristing.

And pictures of pretty flowers.

Then we found the river and among very young topless university guys (rowing team, not just generally topless) we met this lil dude. He wins over topless guys any day.

Exactly what we needed. The smell of green and being outside London.

Then it was time for what we do best. Drinking GTs. We met up with Rupali, a London friend who now lives in Oxford. She took us to a pretty, but rainy, roof top bar and the night could start.

With drinks and pictures to the boys. George had Rupis man Tye staying over in the flat when i was away.

After drinks Katta had booked at table at a place called Gees. It was amazing. In a little conservatory and the food, and drinks, were absolutely delicious.

We behaved like ladies and ate ourselves almost comatose. I came out with a little italian food baby (not so little more like a snoring italian man).

But it was absolute goodness.

Things started going in all the right directions. I inspired Rupi to take ugly selfies and we went to her work place for Baklava.

Nothing like a fez party. It was graduation in Oxford so why not join. Only about a 15 years off. Except for Jay whos actually 20. Baby.

We stayed for ages killing the baklava. Going from an italian to a lebanese food baby. But oh so delicious.

I feel like a yellow fez is my thing. Especially when drinking cocktails and being on holiday.

And Katta owned her black one. Like having my own priest to absolve me of all my sins.

In the photo series ‘Katta behind things’ i give you ‘Katta in Oxford drinking tea’.

After all that fun with the fez we went to the next place, a bar called the Alchemist. By the name it was all about making weird, brewed drinks. This is mine simmering away.

Quite a smoky experience.

This is when Rupi decided it was time for tequilas. Even if Katta and me went every other with her we still found ourselves in a very excellent state of mind.

Danced for the whole place and im not sure if Oxford was ready for two panter tanter out on the razzle. There was a lot of confused look but it doesnt stop amazing from happen. Especially Katta was in a spectacular mood showing off her old 90’s moves.

We found a pair of sunnies and went on the search for the next place. As alwas not ready to go home.

We found one of those that you find in every town. Only playing old hits, a jagerbomb machine behind the bar and the slightly older crew dancing what they think is the sexy moves. We felt right at home. Just admit that we are more booze cruise than fancy bar these days.

At two we finally gave in. And in true party manners went for some night food at mackers. These old bones still got it.

Waking up felt suspiciously ok. I thank the french fries.

We walked out to Rupis parents place a 45 minute walk down the river for an indian/uk fusion buffet. Needed after our night.

Then back to town but its only that much fun that can be had. This week is fairly quiet but we have our tiki party on the weekend and im sure that will be a big one so preparing myself.