Faster Harder Scooter

Coming back into London i headed straight home to wake my snoozy man up (yes, at 4 in the afternoon…) as well as taking a shower and get myself mentally ready for Scooter.

I mean, ive been excited about that for the last 5 months so no room for not absolute extra energy and happiness.

But you know me, when its needed i deliver.

Put on some Ibiza gear and went hard on the GTs. As you do.

We started with BBQ at Deirdres on Old Street. Ran into Chris and took some weird photos. Classic last day on the bank holiday shenanigans. Everyone is either dead or dying.

Then we popped down quickly to Found to see Bellas exam exhibition at Found.

She did a dream themed photo series and i fell in love with this print. Will sit on our bedroom wall.

You also got to take a dream book in this room filled with balloons and dreams.

Which i did. My dreams are weird enough to need its own dream book. Thank you Bella for a lovely exhibition.

Then, finally time for Scooter. How much is really the fish?

I would say its party times!!!

How to survive a concert when you are very tired. Vodka redbull! This is not my first rodeo.

Even if Scooter is kind of my thing my man went all in.

It was so fucking epic. Even better than i dreamed. A room full of people loving this stupid music as much as i do. And everyone jumping around like lil kids.

I mean, how much is the fucking fish!!!!

As you can see we had the Best Time Ever! We even met 3 italians that had travelled form Milan just to see Scooter. I feel them.


We danced for two hours and i was all sweaty, happy and dead when all was done. Mostly happy. I need more scooter in my life.

Then we bought Mackers on the way home and died in bed. What an epic weekend. This one is spent recoupering but so damn worth it.

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