Slurping oysters like a pro

Woke up with a serious hangover to a super sunny and way too hot (blame the sweats) day in Whitstables. Katta and me shared room and decided to schlep our tired bodies to the store to buy some food.

Not all super heroes wear capes.

After making breakfast for everyone we chilled in our garden and tried to get some sun. I was the only one who used factor 30. Also the only one who didnt match the lobsters at the end of the day.

Half way through the morning all of us got a surprise. Well, almost all of us. Katta had drunkenly invited two friends to come join us but forgot to tell anyone so all of a sudden we had two extras join us.

Pretty happy about that since it meant that Katta and i could sneak away for a bit for Oysters leaving the boys with Julia and Andrea.

We found an oyster place and dug in. So. Damn. Delicious. I think i could live on oysters.

This is the faces of two very happy girls.

and bloody marys because delicious with the seafood and we all know its necessary when this hungover.

Topping it off with lobster. And the whole thing was about £40. I wish i lived at the seaside. At least had a house at the seaside. Guess that would ruin me though.

After our little lunch break we went and met the others that was safely sat at the old Neptune again.

The coolest indie band around. Dont mess with these cool cats.

That food and those drinks sorted me right out. Ready to rock and rumble again.

Working on those tinder poses.

Crew! Almost looking to seaside posh to survive. Where is my man with his beard and rings?

We went back to the house for a seafood BBQ. I was glad that we had some new people at the party that could carry the party flag high since i was suffering. Big time. Also knowing i had Scooter on Sunday tried to save myself.

Look at that beauty. And the man carrying them.

Boys doing things together.

I did my best to get going for a little bit of party and Cotton Eye Joe is a winner. Showing off those glorious dance moves again.

Back at the Rock Lodge. Katta kept ending up behind various objects. Everyone was proud to have her.

Darren getting in to the live band. I was sitting down at this stage living the night through everyone else. Best way if you need a break.

But then they lured me with gin. And who am i to say not to gin? So i had two.

But, being a hero i went to bed around 1 when the others kept at it. My old bones needed the rest.

On our last day we went for a long walk in the morning to see some more than just the pub and well, the pub. Eric and Katta finding their soulmate.

It was remarkably pretty down there and even if swimming was not in the cards (im a weakling) i dreamed of being able to stay on the beach all day.

Instead we went for…oysters!! Not sure if i told you but i LOVE oysters with a passion. Drinking the sea. Yum.

Eventually our time frolicking by the sea was over and it was time to head back to London and get myself ready for Scooter.

Everyone on the train was super duper happy about the music choice. Promise.

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