Dog days

Starting to feel human again after the weekend. Good thing since we have a kubb off at work today and then going to meet Georges kyro colleagues in London for the week. After two days on the sofa im kind of feeling it again (kind of. there is always more sofa in me).

On Monday morning after all that scootering George made me breakfast in bed and treated me like the rave princess i am.

Then he was off for socialising and i planted myself in the garden for some sun. It was way too hot. I perservered for a while but then gave up and back in to bed rolling around in my own sweat.

On tuesday I suffered at work. Looking way too fresh here. Did not feel it. Was an empty shell filled with nothing but old redbull floating in my system.

But i wore a new dress. Dress or cleaning smock? Im not 100% sure about this new mid length fashion. Looks like what the old ladies wore when i was working for the old peoples home. But, guess im slowly getting there.

Then i picked this little monster up. Hadnt seen him for a week. He punished me by sleeping far away.

So as soon as he feel asleep i took as much contact as i could get.

Yesterday we had lunch in the park. Summer colours on these boys.

At least Sita and Marty represented a bit more. Poor Marty has the skin of a true english man though.

Aussie boys rocking the summer. Just because this is their natural habitat. I sport sunscreen as soon as i stick my nose out the door.

Made myself some arrabiata with my herbs from the garden and watched Riverdale. Aceing home time. Feel like is should be out living the weather. But also not.

Woolly hoping for some salty stuff. Dont worry lil bro, that shit would kill your stomach. One om my saddest things about moving to UK is that im so unused to salty licqourice that my stomach can only handle a little bit at a time.

Im weak man.

George told me he might meet Ryan Reynolds. Then he told me he wouldnt. So i gave  him sad face. This is our hang out for this week. Selfie life. But tonight we get hang out times.

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