I wanted to give you an update on well, life. I know ive been alluding to and talking about being stressed and high pressure at work and its been an interesting couple of months.

Between the never ending, cold winter and work being very unstable I have been struggling with a feeling of not being enough. Its not been depression, not at all, more about being locked into a situation i cant change. Ive seen my team worry and not been able to give them any definitive answers. People around us have lost their jobs and there was no answers to if that would happen to me or my team.

Me and George have also discussed our future and next steps which have meant that i dont really want to move jobs at the moment.

Basically i felt pretty stuck and my brain kept looping on different solutions that i couldnt pursue. I slept badly and most of my energy went to that endless loop.

However, i had a really good conversation with my manager a couple of weeks ago and its clear that he wants me and the team to stay in London for now. The relief. I feel like i can finally crawl out of the hole ive been hiding away in.

There are still things on my mind, thats just me, but i feel like its all going to work out. Im not just telling myself that, i actually feel it.

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