Oxford, not sure you were ready for us

Woolly little monster man is with me in the office today. Even if France is back in the office this week it feels all summery and kind of slow. So he can chill next to me and we can take a long walk during lunch.

Over the weekend I took Katta to Oxford. It was my bday gift to her to take her out for a trip outside London and it was finally time.

We took the early bus and found a place in Oxford for lunch and a drink to get the whole thing started.

I took a banana colada. It was pretty disgusting. But alcohol so hey, not complaining here.

Then we went touristing. Looked at some old houses. Did our duty to culture and all that jazz.

Pretty house.

Pretty house with child posing me in front of it. Totally lifting the picture.

We found a little alley way with slightly less tourists. So we took selfies like you do when you are touristing.

And pictures of pretty flowers.

Then we found the river and among very young topless university guys (rowing team, not just generally topless) we met this lil dude. He wins over topless guys any day.

Exactly what we needed. The smell of green and being outside London.

Then it was time for what we do best. Drinking GTs. We met up with Rupali, a London friend who now lives in Oxford. She took us to a pretty, but rainy, roof top bar and the night could start.

With drinks and pictures to the boys. George had Rupis man Tye staying over in the flat when i was away.

After drinks Katta had booked at table at a place called Gees. It was amazing. In a little conservatory and the food, and drinks, were absolutely delicious.

We behaved like ladies and ate ourselves almost comatose. I came out with a little italian food baby (not so little more like a snoring italian man).

But it was absolute goodness.

Things started going in all the right directions. I inspired Rupi to take ugly selfies and we went to her work place for Baklava.

Nothing like a fez party. It was graduation in Oxford so why not join. Only about a 15 years off. Except for Jay whos actually 20. Baby.

We stayed for ages killing the baklava. Going from an italian to a lebanese food baby. But oh so delicious.

I feel like a yellow fez is my thing. Especially when drinking cocktails and being on holiday.

And Katta owned her black one. Like having my own priest to absolve me of all my sins.

In the photo series ‘Katta behind things’ i give you ‘Katta in Oxford drinking tea’.

After all that fun with the fez we went to the next place, a bar called the Alchemist. By the name it was all about making weird, brewed drinks. This is mine simmering away.

Quite a smoky experience.

This is when Rupi decided it was time for tequilas. Even if Katta and me went every other with her we still found ourselves in a very excellent state of mind.

Danced for the whole place and im not sure if Oxford was ready for two panter tanter out on the razzle. There was a lot of confused look but it doesnt stop amazing from happen. Especially Katta was in a spectacular mood showing off her old 90’s moves.

We found a pair of sunnies and went on the search for the next place. As alwas not ready to go home.

We found one of those that you find in every town. Only playing old hits, a jagerbomb machine behind the bar and the slightly older crew dancing what they think is the sexy moves. We felt right at home. Just admit that we are more booze cruise than fancy bar these days.

At two we finally gave in. And in true party manners went for some night food at mackers. These old bones still got it.

Waking up felt suspiciously ok. I thank the french fries.

We walked out to Rupis parents place a 45 minute walk down the river for an indian/uk fusion buffet. Needed after our night.

Then back to town but its only that much fun that can be had. This week is fairly quiet but we have our tiki party on the weekend and im sure that will be a big one so preparing myself.

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