Date night

On Wednesday George took me out for a date night. Hell yes i said and threw on some nice clothes (i had to change mid way through the day since it was freezing) and got ready to do the town with my man.

We went to Aqvavit first to say hi to Dora and have one of their scandi influenced drinks. This is a cloudberry Bramble. Delicious. And look at the lil bearded swede hipster on the menu. Like the tray Filippa gave us.

George ordered a pickle drink. It tasted amazing for someone who loves pickle backs. He literally inhaled two in the 15 minutes we were there.

And because he, and Dora, are amazing, they made sure i got a herring starter before leaving for our dinner. Herring <3. Thats how you treat a swede.

I still forget to call this awesome human being my fiance. But he is. He is the man i  want to spend my life with. Yes, you you crazy weirdo.

Then we went to Scullys. Scully is a friend of George and his restaurant was a mix between malaysian, australian and contemporary european.

Absolute delicious. Cant remember the last time i ate like that. Smoked avocado with octupus. Hello.

Because its us we had tequila with the crew.

More food. We got more than we ordered because the chef wanted us to try everything. Not saying no. If someone really want me to eat their otherwordly food i will.

We sat opposite the dessert chef so i spent the entire dinner drooling at the desserts. Finally it was time.

This is a rhubarb and ginger marshmallow. Died the food death.

And this is a chocolate sorbet with pistachios and a blueberry vinegar. What dreams are made of.

After dinner we had one more shot before heading home to the mini man. Perfect night out with my person.

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