Sweden today. Leaving man and hound behind and fly to the land of awesome, pickled food and parents and friends. And what it looks like outstanding weather. Sometimes you are lucky.

I also just booked for me and George to go to Gotland in June for Frippens bday party. He is turning 40 and are having a festival at their place. Love it. They are also amazing enough to let us stay. I mean, if you need someone to be your fetival inspiration i feel like George and me are born for that.

Will love to show George Gotland as well. Double Sweden. Yeah!

Yesterday George came home with a rose. Thank you. Normally he feeds and liquids me which to be honest is for the best since im growing a jungle in our flat and dont necessarily need more flowers.

But, never say no to a rose.

Wearing hearts for my trip to Sweden. Went to primark to pick up some gifts for my unborn goddaughter. You have to bring gifts when you come from another country.

Found the best one. She is a girl but girls can totally be a caped crusader

with an actual cape!!! How cool isnt that!? I want a baby to buy this for but for now ill get it for my god daughter instead. Lucky baby.

So bye guys. Some of you ill see in a couple of days (dad, you get me already tonight) and the rest ill see on the other side of this trip.

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