When the lilacs are blooming

Back in London after some awesome days in Sweden. I know you are all eagerly waiting to know how the garden are coming on, and if George managed to care for it when i was away (he did), but that will have to be a later post.

First things first. I present to you Sweden!

Landed on Wednesday to the sea like a mirror and a pretty sunset. At 11. Love early Sweden summer.

I brought a gift. George and me picked this up for my parents on the day of our engagement. Thinking of them on our if day. I think they cared less about that and more about the awesomeness of the gift. A fyllehund as we say in Sweden (a drunken dog). This lil pup instantly got a bottle to care for.

What a night. Only the sound of birds to sing you to sleep.

The day after it was 22 degrees and i walked into Nykoping. The lilacs were blooming everywhere.

This smell is summer to me.

Everywhere was an explosion of colour. And smells. And bees happily buzzing around. Like every dream of summer.

I walked through town and met my parents for lunch. People everywhere and that somewhat disorienting feeling when everone speaks swedish.

Bought myself a new tea cup and a jacket. Plus books. Always swede books when im home.

Then i decided to work on my tan. Put my pale body and out in the garden and got some sun on my booty.

More colours and smells and green and my mind exploded a bit from all the amazingness.

Mum and me went to pick some to make sure the house smelled as good as the outside.

Then it was time for dinner and drinks. Maybe too many drinks. Next time less drinks and more happy thoughts. Unneccessary spending our time arguing.

Brought them another gift. Now they have the matching collection of english royalty.

We left for the country house. It showed its absolutely best side. Sunny and achingly green. I did nothing but walk, eat and read. And sleep of course. Dream life.

This is such a kid thing but i LOVE the taste of summer through straws. Not smultron yet so only straw. Oh well.

I feel very lucky that this is somewhere i can go whenever i need a break. Troll forest.

Picked a bouquet of lily of the valley for my mum. This is another smell that i dream about. Especially mixed with the smell of the forest.

Kind of look like im practicing being a bride with only the horses for company.

Dinner outside in the sun. It was warm until 10. That barely happens in August. I really aced my trip home this time.

My forehead almost matches the house. Thats how it goes when there is no sunscreen but you still need to tan.

Happy, smiley daddy. We ate steak and new potatoes. When Sweden is like this i cant understand why i ever moved away.

Before heading up to Sthlm i showed George how my ring have branded me. Very happy with that branding.

Then i jumped on a train, bag filled with swede things, and headed up to Sthlm and my girls. Plus all their kids. But that will be next time.

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