Stockholm you alluring beauty

Filippas baby is on her way!! Yay, finally. I mean, it was partly the reason i was in Sweden to meet my god daughter but that will have to be next time. I did my sacred duty and gave her an epic outfit – a batman onsie with a cape. Because she is a, slightly late, super hero.

Late babies aside, had a banging time in Stockholm.

Came up Saturday lunch to move in with this very colour coordinated family. This is my parents dream. Too bad im more in to black.

My hosts went to a pool party with about 15 kids and I met up with Sanna instead for a quiet lunch on her balcony. Each ot their own.

This is my dream. Getting to catch up with one of my bffs and talk all thingts wedding. She and Peter just got engaged as well. Its something special about having someone on the same wave length as you.

They are however thinking Ibiza and i want the swedish dream. But we both agreed we want something a little less wedding-y and more party. The stripes never fade.

After lunch we went to Vasaparken for a chill session. I ate ice cream, Sanna slept. Nothing better than friends you’ve known for 15 years and can be quiet with.

And look at me working that tan.

After park session i went home for a catch up with Kix and Alex. Hes such a boy now. not a baby any longer. I miss them in London but happy to see that they seem to love their swede life. Easy when its 25 degrees and the world is a flowering dream.

After tea and extremely important chat about life i went back to Sannas for dinner with the girls. Super mega pregnant Filippa. Me thinks baby should have popped out but she clearly likes it in there.

We drank GTs and had a tant party as Kix calls it. Explaning to Alex its when ladies just talk and talk and no playing at all.

He thought it sounded like death.

Sunday morning i got to spend with these two. Olivia and me are becoming bffs. I make funny faces, she laughs. Doesnt need to be harder than that.

She is at the best age. Happy to play with strangers but still old enough to be tossed around.

Told you – bffs. And a steady grip on my glasses.

Next step on the Cissi sthlm tour was Filippa and her family. We sat in their garden, ate shopska (introducing the swedes to some real food) and played with clay.

F and me played. Ingrid was less interested. We were also shit. Maybe that is why she couldnt care less. Oh well, not everyone can be picasso Ingrid.

But then she got balloons and all was well in that little mini angels life. Btw, want her outfit. Like a lil mini raver in Ibiza.

Tour defininitely not done I headed off to Djurgarden to meet family. Sis and little brother. These are my people. My friends are as well but these guys just gets it. Family style.

We walked along Djurgarden and this is my place. Growing up around the corner this is where i spent my childhood and teens. Angst ridden walks along the water or late summer evenings drinking ciders with friends.

My heart ached big time.

Ice cream. Because it is a most. I have a spot in my heart for english mr whippy but i have a hole in my soul for swedish ice cream with tutti frutti strossel.

Yes!! Me and sis ARE the missing members of ABBA. And would totally rock those outfits.

Words cant describe my love for my family. Plus they drank beers with me in the sun on a Sunday. Hands up for the Munthes.

I. Just. Cant.

Sweden ❤

We are coming up to the last stop now (there is only that many hours in a day and even im swift as the wind there is limits to this super hero). Popping by Julia, Masken, Agnes, Flisan and Shadow for a quick baby and dog treat.

Agnes was ish interested in me but i won the heart (or the licking tongue) of Flisan. I take what i can get.

Filled with baby and dog love we headed to italian restaurant Colette in Vasastan for dinner and drinks.

It would turn out it was less on the food and heavy on the drinks. The staff forgot our order and it took us 1.5h to get our food. There is room for a lot of drinks in that time. Baby mommas Jules and Maggie downed that wine like there was no tomorrow.

And preggers F was not happy when she didnt get fed. Seriously, feed a 9 months.

But, the dinner was the perfect end to my Sweden trip. My friends are better than your friends. At least funnier. Promise.

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