I wanted to give you an update on well, life. I know ive been alluding to and talking about being stressed and high pressure at work and its been an interesting couple of months.

Between the never ending, cold winter and work being very unstable I have been struggling with a feeling of not being enough. Its not been depression, not at all, more about being locked into a situation i cant change. Ive seen my team worry and not been able to give them any definitive answers. People around us have lost their jobs and there was no answers to if that would happen to me or my team.

Me and George have also discussed our future and next steps which have meant that i dont really want to move jobs at the moment.

Basically i felt pretty stuck and my brain kept looping on different solutions that i couldnt pursue. I slept badly and most of my energy went to that endless loop.

However, i had a really good conversation with my manager a couple of weeks ago and its clear that he wants me and the team to stay in London for now. The relief. I feel like i can finally crawl out of the hole ive been hiding away in.

There are still things on my mind, thats just me, but i feel like its all going to work out. Im not just telling myself that, i actually feel it.

A swede among the fins

This have been a such a long, dragging week at work. France has been on holiday and its been very quiet in the office. So i decided the team needed an afternoon off doing fun things. Or maybe their manager needed an afternoon off…

Either way, yesterday i once again introduced them to the joys of kubb.

All the swede things. Kubb, swedish cider and a swedish girl.

My team was Cecilias bones and the other one was Sitas skulls (from the game being called Skulls and Bones in the olden days).

Cecilia’s bones kept losing.

Maybe because their captain drank cider and took photos instead.

After losing at Kubb i took the team and headed back to the office for a leaving drink. My opposite neighbour Victor is leaving. Bye.

After another cider (cant drink too much when im going on a long tube ride. Bladders not big enough.) i headed up to Bethnal green to meet the kyro crew. Pauliina and Mika was in town and we all met at Satans Whiskers.

This lovely drink is a frothy zubrowka. Yum. 27 year old me is cheering.

Next stop (there is always like 15 with this crew) we went to Nola for food and drinks.

I had their gumbo. It was so disappointing. Brett, where are you and your deliciousness when i need you. Like for real, i would not eat it again and that is not a good review coming from this gumbo loving person.

But, i pushed my sadness aside and we all jumped into a taxi to Mint Gun Club. We drank Oolong teas and the sexy boys posed in their kyro shirts.



Crew! Every time you leave the house with George you end up with a whole group of you. Love it (and also why i sometimes need to hide on the sofa. Us sometimes introverts need that)

A swede hiding among the fins (and almost fins)

Last stop (we were sensible enough to not join the other to Calloh) was Victory Mansions. Never been there before but their drinks menu was based on books.

On Books!! How can i never have been here before?

I had a Holden Caufield. Tasted like dreams and late summer nights.

Then tipsy Cissi decided we needed night food. You are a hero! Slightly hungover Cissi thank you from the bottom of her belly today.

Dog days

Starting to feel human again after the weekend. Good thing since we have a kubb off at work today and then going to meet Georges kyro colleagues in London for the week. After two days on the sofa im kind of feeling it again (kind of. there is always more sofa in me).

On Monday morning after all that scootering George made me breakfast in bed and treated me like the rave princess i am.

Then he was off for socialising and i planted myself in the garden for some sun. It was way too hot. I perservered for a while but then gave up and back in to bed rolling around in my own sweat.

On tuesday I suffered at work. Looking way too fresh here. Did not feel it. Was an empty shell filled with nothing but old redbull floating in my system.

But i wore a new dress. Dress or cleaning smock? Im not 100% sure about this new mid length fashion. Looks like what the old ladies wore when i was working for the old peoples home. But, guess im slowly getting there.

Then i picked this little monster up. Hadnt seen him for a week. He punished me by sleeping far away.

So as soon as he feel asleep i took as much contact as i could get.

Yesterday we had lunch in the park. Summer colours on these boys.

At least Sita and Marty represented a bit more. Poor Marty has the skin of a true english man though.

Aussie boys rocking the summer. Just because this is their natural habitat. I sport sunscreen as soon as i stick my nose out the door.

Made myself some arrabiata with my herbs from the garden and watched Riverdale. Aceing home time. Feel like is should be out living the weather. But also not.

Woolly hoping for some salty stuff. Dont worry lil bro, that shit would kill your stomach. One om my saddest things about moving to UK is that im so unused to salty licqourice that my stomach can only handle a little bit at a time.

Im weak man.

George told me he might meet Ryan Reynolds. Then he told me he wouldnt. So i gave  him sad face. This is our hang out for this week. Selfie life. But tonight we get hang out times.

Slurping oysters like a pro

Woke up with a serious hangover to a super sunny and way too hot (blame the sweats) day in Whitstables. Katta and me shared room and decided to schlep our tired bodies to the store to buy some food.

Not all super heroes wear capes.

After making breakfast for everyone we chilled in our garden and tried to get some sun. I was the only one who used factor 30. Also the only one who didnt match the lobsters at the end of the day.

Half way through the morning all of us got a surprise. Well, almost all of us. Katta had drunkenly invited two friends to come join us but forgot to tell anyone so all of a sudden we had two extras join us.

Pretty happy about that since it meant that Katta and i could sneak away for a bit for Oysters leaving the boys with Julia and Andrea.

We found an oyster place and dug in. So. Damn. Delicious. I think i could live on oysters.

This is the faces of two very happy girls.

and bloody marys because delicious with the seafood and we all know its necessary when this hungover.

Topping it off with lobster. And the whole thing was about £40. I wish i lived at the seaside. At least had a house at the seaside. Guess that would ruin me though.

After our little lunch break we went and met the others that was safely sat at the old Neptune again.

The coolest indie band around. Dont mess with these cool cats.

That food and those drinks sorted me right out. Ready to rock and rumble again.

Working on those tinder poses.

Crew! Almost looking to seaside posh to survive. Where is my man with his beard and rings?

We went back to the house for a seafood BBQ. I was glad that we had some new people at the party that could carry the party flag high since i was suffering. Big time. Also knowing i had Scooter on Sunday tried to save myself.

Look at that beauty. And the man carrying them.

Boys doing things together.

I did my best to get going for a little bit of party and Cotton Eye Joe is a winner. Showing off those glorious dance moves again.

Back at the Rock Lodge. Katta kept ending up behind various objects. Everyone was proud to have her.

Darren getting in to the live band. I was sitting down at this stage living the night through everyone else. Best way if you need a break.

But then they lured me with gin. And who am i to say not to gin? So i had two.

But, being a hero i went to bed around 1 when the others kept at it. My old bones needed the rest.

On our last day we went for a long walk in the morning to see some more than just the pub and well, the pub. Eric and Katta finding their soulmate.

It was remarkably pretty down there and even if swimming was not in the cards (im a weakling) i dreamed of being able to stay on the beach all day.

Instead we went for…oysters!! Not sure if i told you but i LOVE oysters with a passion. Drinking the sea. Yum.

Eventually our time frolicking by the sea was over and it was time to head back to London and get myself ready for Scooter.

Everyone on the train was super duper happy about the music choice. Promise.

Owning whitstables

After a couple of lazy days with Maggie and Olivia it was time for the polar opposite. Joining Katta, Eric and Darren for a trip the coast, to Whitstables, known for their Oysters (all kinds of yum)

After 2h busy train we ended up at our cottage. See the excitement on our faces.

Drinking our travel beers and getting excited about our trip out of London. Dont see Eric enough given that he is one of muy oldest friends here in London so i was so glad i could join for this. Also, getting out of London!

We settled in and had a drink in our garden before heading out. My mission was to take nice looking tider profile pictures for the boys.

We headed down to the beach and the old Neptune wich is a beach pub with seats overlooking the sea. Yes please.

Katta and me where not unhappy about leaving town. Also, already a bit tipsy at this point.

The boys took picture of each other. Thats what happens when you spend all your time together and start acting like an old couple.

Tinder profile pic quest continues. Darren was so unhappy about me commenting his messy hair he actually booked a hairdresser appointment for the day after. Vain much?

I mean come on!

Gin and tonics for the win.

When the sun had set we went in search of a dinner place. Everything was very booked out being a sunny bank holiday and all so after way too much walking and not enough drinking we ended up at a little place called Samphire.

Completely by accident but delicious food.

Hungry boys.

More drinks and then time for Whitstables most happening place. The Rock Lodge. They have live band and jagerbombs. Everything good in life. Also loads of old people that eventually started fighting. You win some you lose some.

Since we didnt have any toilet paper at home i was tasked with stealing some. Havent felt like this much of a kid since well, i was a kid. Look at that guilty face.

When the rock lodge closed we headed home for a dance party. Continuing on the being a kid thing the neighbours complained around 2 am.

So we naturally continued.

Eric making sure we dont run dry. Thanks mate.

Around 3 we gave up. Then we had danced in bed for hours, I had gifted Darren the song Moviestar that became the song of the trip and we had avoided spilling red wine everywhere. All in all a roaring success.

A bit like Eric and me trying the backpack kid dance.

This is what its supposed to look like….

When Maggie and Olivia were in town

I had taken the day off on Friday to hang with my people. Maggie and Olivia was over from Stockholm and i was beyond happy to get to meet mini Maggie properly. Its the saddest thing about being here, not getting to see my friends babies grow up. So i take every chance i can to hang  with them.

Maggie and baby Olivia came swinging over with the tube and we installed them in the flat.

Olivia went straight for the london fashion.

Feeling right at home with the London cool crew. Dont worry Olivia, you are welcome whenever you want.

Not entirely convinced about this bearded weirdo but not saying no to some tossing in the air.

George left and Maggie and me installed ourselves in the garden. And then stayed here for the rest of the evening.

Took selfies with this little happy angel.

Had food and drank ciders. Trying to put Olivia to sleep in the doggo bed but she kept wanting to hang. Her mummys daughter for sure.

I also get to be a part of something pretty spectacular. Olivias first crawl. Such a little hero.

On Friday morning we went straight out into the garden again. I had to wake up at 8 and then this little terror had already been up for 2 hours.

Definitely not sure about George.

So he won her over the best way he knows. With a flask.

Whatever floats your boat little Olive.

Then we took the crew to Ravenscourt and had another first – Olivias first time in a swing. We then ran into Ella with her sister and mum plus kids in the garden cafe and had a lovely lunch in the sun.

After 24h with my swedes i waved Maggie goodbye and headed to the cost for some chill time in the sun.

…or so i thought…

Faster Harder Scooter

Coming back into London i headed straight home to wake my snoozy man up (yes, at 4 in the afternoon…) as well as taking a shower and get myself mentally ready for Scooter.

I mean, ive been excited about that for the last 5 months so no room for not absolute extra energy and happiness.

But you know me, when its needed i deliver.

Put on some Ibiza gear and went hard on the GTs. As you do.

We started with BBQ at Deirdres on Old Street. Ran into Chris and took some weird photos. Classic last day on the bank holiday shenanigans. Everyone is either dead or dying.

Then we popped down quickly to Found to see Bellas exam exhibition at Found.

She did a dream themed photo series and i fell in love with this print. Will sit on our bedroom wall.

You also got to take a dream book in this room filled with balloons and dreams.

Which i did. My dreams are weird enough to need its own dream book. Thank you Bella for a lovely exhibition.

Then, finally time for Scooter. How much is really the fish?

I would say its party times!!!

How to survive a concert when you are very tired. Vodka redbull! This is not my first rodeo.

Even if Scooter is kind of my thing my man went all in.

It was so fucking epic. Even better than i dreamed. A room full of people loving this stupid music as much as i do. And everyone jumping around like lil kids.

I mean, how much is the fucking fish!!!!

As you can see we had the Best Time Ever! We even met 3 italians that had travelled form Milan just to see Scooter. I feel them.


We danced for two hours and i was all sweaty, happy and dead when all was done. Mostly happy. I need more scooter in my life.

Then we bought Mackers on the way home and died in bed. What an epic weekend. This one is spent recoupering but so damn worth it.

Longing for the long weekend

Since im on holiday from tomorrow until Tursday and dont know if ill be posting much ill hit you up with another post today.

You lucky bastards.

I have a full schedule for the bank holiday weekend. Maggie and baby Olivia are on their way to London as we speak and George (hero) has cooked us the biggest batch of Bulgars Bad Ass Bolognese ever. So we will be chilling in the garden eating, drinking and talking. Miss my little Maggie.

Then tomorrow evening im off to Whitstables with Katta, Eric and Darren. We are going to eat at the lobster shack and inhale oysters. George is not joining – ill smell like seafood all weekend. Cant wait to get out of London, its about to be 20 degrees all weekend.

Yesterday took some pictures of my garden. Yeah, yeah, i know. Its pretty boring to hear about my garden. But im excited. My life cant always be hoedowns and fancy members clubs.

The lavender already living in my garden is starting to flower. It smells lovely. Im not a lavender fan normally but out in the open like this its gorgeous.

My Jasmine climbing away. I want it to span the wall and reach out with its pretty flowers but its got a way to go.

Herb awesomeness. Whatever you need i have it.

And last, but not least, my new lilac. Its having a bit of a bad time but im sure my green (ish) fingers can coax some life into it. Or kill it.

Hoping it will be warm enough for Maggie, Olivia and me to have dinner in the garden tonight.

The Allbright

Me and the girls finally went to the The Allbright yesterday. Ive been a member for more than a month now but havent been able to find the time. But being doggo free with was time for some unplanned hang out. Ooooh, the days of spontaneous fun (listen to my tiny, tiny violin)

The house is near Tottenham Court and is this beautiful place of calm and gorgeous interior design details.

We found some sofas to chill out in and sat there for ours drinking GTs and eating truffle nuts. And i dont even like truffle. But its the stuff you do when you are ladies who drink in a members club.

Not sad when you find all of these little virginia woolf details (even if the girl showing us around lost it and called her victoria…)

And the flowers. Like a garden dream. It was such a lovely, calm place. Will be my escape from busy london whenever im in town shopping.

Beautiful Katta.

These lilacs are a bit more impressive than mine are. Bet they are not from tesco. Smelled like summer and dreams.

Its such a lovely, calm and gorgeous space. Apparently they are opening another club at the end of the year. Can see days working with the girls here planning to take over the world. Or just drinking cocktails and gossip about men. Equally important.

Feeling at home. We sat there until they closed and caught up on all things life. I love that i have a family in London as well. Needed in the roller coaster that is life.

Todays the day

Today is D-day with my big campaign at work. Ive been weirdly chilled about it which makes it feel like something will go horrible wrong.

Im also enjoying my Woolly free week even if i miss the little monster. Tonight going to the Allbright. Still havent been since i became a member a month ago so needed. Then Maggie and little Olivia are coming to London tomorrow. I have taken Friday off and hoping to enjoy a lazy breakfast in the garden.

And of course, Scooter on Sunday.

Speaking of garden. Found a tiny lilac tree at tesco. Its pot sized which means i dont have to put it in the ground. Will see if i can make it blossom. My garden still has about 50/50 hit rate on survivals. One day ill have at least 90. Goalz.