Princess once again

Friday! Im meeting Ella, Katta, Tom and Moley for dinner tonight at Anglesea. Perfect with a west night when i want to take it easy in anticipation of the big party next weekend.

A GT in the sun yes please.

Got a haircut yesterday. As always its princess hair.

No matter what ill ask for the hairdressers will se a posh girl in there and give me Kate hair.

For two days a year i get to be a princess.

Today its back to normal and im looking like my normal slightly rougher around the edges.

My jasmine is flowering in the garden. The heigth of excitment in my life at the moment.

Weirdest thing about having a bit of a tan is that my eyes look really light. Not that you can really see it in this picture but its weird. Barely looks like me.

And this. 7 days and my nail polish still looks ok. I might have finally found a nail polish that i dont need to redo every 2nd day. Hallelujah!

This afternoon have been spent finding a gift for Frippen. I finally found him a t-shirt that lights up with the music. I was going to give him light up sneakers but itll take too long to come. Sad face. But instead he gets this epic panda LED t-shirt.


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