In my dreams

I dream quite often about George and me breaking up. In some periods its several times a week and other times its months in between.

Im always devastated in my dream. Keep fighting it. I have woken up crying and last night i was so angry that he had told me he loved me and then left me.

Its always he that breaks up with me in my dreams. Sometimes he explains why but most of the time its just that vague feeling of incredible loss.

Ive been thinking a lot on why this is. Its the first time this has happened to me. My previous experiences of dreaming about my relationships have normally been about feeling caught.

I think its because im so scared of losing this. I didnt think i would ever find someone like George or feel the way i do with him. My dreams are dealing with my fear of being left by the one person i cant stand leaving me. Not that i think that he will, but my mind is handling the loss if it would happen. Its dealing with my biggest fear over and over.

Instead of dreading these dreams i see them as a testament to the love i feel for George and how right we are for each other. Yeah, the dreams suck but at least its only in my dreams.

Its you and me baby


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