Lazy days

Had the laziest weekend ever. How i love summer. The days last forever and its an actually activity to lay on a sun lounger all day.

On Saturday morning i was a tiny bit hangy. Went for dinner with Ella, Moley and Katta at Anglesea the night before. And when Ella and Moley went home Katta and me went to Found.

We pased ourselves. Didnt go crazy. But i was Woolly free and then i kind of have to go out. So i had a coiple of delicious drinks before heading home around 1. A winner of a night.

When George left for work i left for my garden. My plan this summer of getting a tan (for the first time since coming home from Asia in 2003) needs some work. So thats what i did. 15 sunscreen all over and a couple of hours in the sun saw some success.

I also are ice cream. Thats another must when its 25 degrees. And hold your horses but I even did some exercise in the garden. The stress of earlier this year have seen my body just deflate into a couch potatoe so plan is to build up some strength.

Some. I like the 7 minute concept of work out. Anything else is too much for this hero.

Walked W in a swede outfit. Legs tanned enough for shorts.

I love this lil dude so much. And he doesnt even do anything. Still my heart is going crazy for him.

Sunday evening George came home after a week long crazy for World Gin Day with some gifts. We will be drinking some serious gin. Anyone wants a taste is welcome to our flat whenever. We have booze for days.

Reunited. George has been a man living in my phoen for the last week and since W dont have a phone hes been a man living in our bed and thats about it. But george gave him some chicken and now they are friends again.

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