Longing for holidays

Tired today. Work has started to slow down a bit. Wont go proper dead for another month but it already feels like people are half on holiday. Or maybe thats just me. Im most defintely already partly holidaying.

My outfit for this weekend have shown up. Or at least one of them. I just cant stop myself when it comes to costume parties. My plan is to one day make a business out of renting  out all my outfits. Ill be richie rich.

As soon as i put these on my soul just screamed burning man. I really want to go now. Was happily not going this year because was so stressed out and in need of never ending sleep when the tickets went on sale but now i want to dance in the desert sun.

Guess Gotland sun will have to be the next best.

Ha, made George and me in to THIS couple. Colour coordinated matched Toms.

Cant. Even.

In the evening i went to the Allbright with Lollo to watch a screening of the McQueen documentary. Feel like there is a lot of suicides at the moment. It was an amazing movie but sad. Success dont equal happiness. Good thing im aiming for happiness more than success. Or like i kept telling my therapist ‘I just want to have a fun life’,

And i am. My life is full of fun and happiness.

Came home to mini doggo. We chilled and ate ice cream. Yes, both of us #naughtydogmum

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