Hello Gotland my old friend

I wrote this long post and then it all got deleted just before publishing…seriously, that is just how today is going. One of those days when nothing goes right.

So lets have a look (again, ive seriously just written all of these captions once so dont expect anything exciting this time around) at what we did on our little mini holidays.

Summery and ready to rock and rumble.

Holiday feelings. Beer is needed.

One happy meatball face.

An even happier meatball face.

Feeling hot and in love and ready for some serious swedish summer.

Big guy in a tiny plane.

Finally we arrived in Visby and headed for dinner at Bolaget that sis booked for us. We drank gin, ate beautiful food and decided that even if Visby is lovely its way too tiny to love in (sorry sis).

Very pretty though. Its all ye oldy timey and George was all taken by the architechture.

After food and drinks we headed back to our tiny hotel where the bed creaked and the ceiling fan did nothing for the heat. To add to the medieval feeling of the trip.

Georges very unswedish brekkie. Nutella??

Before heading out to Tove and Fredrik we walked along the city walls and the beach and got at least a little Gotland time.

Ive never really spent much time in Gotland but when its like this its a little slice of heaven.

George was not impressed with the beaches. ‘What is this stone thing’. Sorry babe but we are not Australia…

But he was more impressed with the city walls. From the late 13th century. As he said, like 3 times older than Australia.

My little merman posing by the sea.

More selfies because why not?

Proving that we did something more than just the house we then spent the rest of the weekend in.

It was an absolute stunner of a day and we ate ice cream and i think i even got George to fall a little bit in love with Sweden. We are hard going on that one but im working on it.

Feeling history walking under these old fortifications.

After a morning of walking and a lunch in the sun Tove came to pick us up to take us out to their house about 40 minutes from visby.

Half of the crew had joined early and we had dinner in the sun with Fredriks and Toves friends and family.

Their house is absolutely beautiful and they have restored lots of the old buildings. Toves owns it with her family and they got it about 2 years ago. This is in the old windmill. Almost 200 years ago.

Your never ending swedish nights. This is 11pm and then sun is just going down on our first full day in Gotland.

I promise il tell you about the party but ill save that for tomorrow when im a bit more on the ball.

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