On Saturday it was finally time for the party. As you can imagine i was over excited have schlepped not one, but two, outfits all the way from London.

The morning started slowly with breakfast and getting things ready before more and more people started dropping in and i decided i needed the world to see my first outfit.

Some kind of Unicorn star child. You can never have too much glitter. Thats a Cissi fact. (future kids, dont ever hold this against me)

And epic unicorn tights. Fighting (or making love, each to their own) a robot t-rex. Hell yeah epic.

Out in the garden George and Johan were grill masters making swedish hot dogs.

Everyone was on wine and beers except for Tove and me being non wine drinkers. Hell yeah to having a hot girl bringing you vodka redbull all day.

We went to the glitter station to get some more bling going. Never too much glitter.

I want every party i go to to have a glitter station from now on.

And a photo booth with silver drapes. Tove and i had spent the whole week getting jacked up for the outfits. And, if i get to say it myself, we look epic!

Forget Coachella, i do Frippfest!

Mega soapbubble umbrellas might be what the world needs at all times (and yes, i realise we are all giant kids playing at being grown ups.)

Everyone had made a serious effort at dressing up and even if i won (she says humbly but i mean, this is kind of my thing) there was some awesome outfits.

Me and my man in our day outfits. I love everything about this picture, the glitter, the colours, the bubles, the flamingo. Dream life.

Toves brother decided he needed more of everything. Who am i to say no. More it is.

Family! All of Frippens cousins and siblings. Nykoping people most of them. I think they brew them in clans down there.

And they definitely grow them strong in Bulgaria.

As you can see it was a very happy party and for about 6 hours we were just hanging out getting tipsy, taking photos and getting our glitter on. And for me so many friends i havent seen in ages.

Ok i just cant get enough of the epicness of this party and being able to walk around in Unicorn tights.

Time for the night outfits. George had glow in the dark suspenders and we glittered up the Unicorn.

To me this is sex on legs.

I went for the burlesque look with top hat, tutu and loads of fairy lights.

Night outfits owned! I think i must have been a moulin rogue dancer in a previous life.

The place was just awesome for a party. This is up in the barn where Tove and Fredrik had seated dinner for all 50 of us. They had a guy coming in with a whole lamb with salads and bread.

When i get rich and famous ill have a place like this close by. Amazig being able to have a party for 50 people without breaking a sweat (well, im sure theyll say it was shit loads of work and of course it was, i mean more that you have room to do it)

Always double drinking. I love that this is around 9 in the evening and the sun is still properly out. Oh Sweden, you rock my heart.

Ready for dinner and Friippen gave a welcome speech. Thank you for having us!

Andreas, Jens, Frida and Ida giving a speech. They are pretending to be an anchor lift in the background. Dont ask…

After dinner we all went down for a glowstick fuelled party in the barn.

Tove and Maria played all the cheese hits and people were dancing like it was 1999 and they were not in their 40s.

Love when swedes party.

George and i looked like Christmas trees. I might have been the one making that happen. Because not only is it a festival but i get to make people look like a Christmas festival. Dream.

Around midnight the secret rave club Driftwood in Space opened. It was Frippens friend Patrick who had set it up complete with the smoke machine, UV lights and german deep house.

I loved it but people like PP drifted off and headed to bed when the music got too crazy.

Youll find me raveing to the end though.

The t-shirt we gave Frippen for his bday. It moves with the music. Absolutely epic for a rave party and i instantly want one.

Dont get more weird german nightclub than this.

By the end the sun went up and there was only some true troopers left. Not surprised that me and George were among the last men standing.

Moody Gotland early morning.

I have borrowed Toves hat and found even more lights and glitter. A 4am festival fairy.

When we got to our room we realised that since it was next to the party it was filled with smoke. Oh well, who doesnt want to sleep in a nightclub?

Thank you Fredrik and Tove for magical FrippFest. Now im only hoping theyll do one next year. Or maybe Tovfest. Either way we’ll be there.

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