Getting midsummer ready

Midsummer tomorrow. Not too excited about drinking again but a girl needs to do what a girl needs to do. And what she has to do is snaps. Have the day off as well. Cant Midsummer without the day off. At least its sunny and beautiful in London. One win staying here.

We are celebrating at Kattas. My plan is to make an even bigger garland than last year. Last year was pretty impressive…

Me and my midsummer crew -17. Totally won the garland size game.

But before i clock off for a three day snaps drinking bender lets have a look at the last couple of days.

The calm after the storm. The house in Gotland post party when Tove had cleaned the place up. I wish i had a place like this like an hour outside London.

We chilled and nursed our hangovers for all of Sunday. A very tired group of heroes making dinner and then pretty much sleeping in different parts of the house. Perfect sunday chill time.

Ready to leave and go back to London. My entire body filled with bruises and mosquito bites. And mosquito bites turning into bruises because i scratched them so badly. There is only that much countryside one can take.

Eating before our first flight. Everyone knows that two day hungovers needs all the food.

Flight number two. We were both a bit rough around the edges.

8h of traveling later i was home with mini doggo. Must admit to very glad to be home in our little mini paradise.

I checked out the garden and it survived. Hortensias in bloom. Ive always been jealous of all the big bushes lining the streets in London and now i have one myself.

And check out my tomatoes. I start to actually believe i have somewhat green fingers. Or as George said ‘you are no longer useless in the zombie apocalypse, you can grow stuff’. True. Hey jules, im now a valuable member of your apocalypse team.

Both tuesday and wednesday was spent on the sofa in various stages of sleep and undress.

Went to all my meetings looking like this. Cant get this one off so now im one classy broad sporting a silver dream catcher tattoo. Good thing i work in music and pretty much all my colleagues are tattoed.

Back on the sofa. W is hoping to not get kicked off by hiding under Georges sweater. Worked like a charm.

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