Londoners do Midsummer too

Happy belated Midsummer everyone. We celebrated like pros. Small London crew but the weather was lovely (one definite perk of london midsummer) and swede cheese home dancing until 3 in the morning. Still got it.

Yes, my midsummer was all i dreamt of. Including all of the snaps.

Started the morning in my garden. Due to this crazy hot May and June the garden has almost bloomed out now. I keep watering my flowers but the bigger garden is pretty much done. Well. it was amazing as long as it lasted.

Then George and me went for lunch with Miika. I was representing Midsummer in my ABBA t-shirt.

After a lazy afternoon in the flat we headed up to Kattas to help with the last couple of things. And make garlands. The most important Midsummer part.

I set up a flower station.

And got to work. Must say i feel like ive becoming a bit of a garland pro by now. It was all swede colours this year.

I was wearing green and white this year. Infortunately i can barely fit into my skirt any longer (goodbye smaller hips of pre 30s) so had to change clothes halfway through when the food went in)

Did feel like a midsummer nights dream though.

Katta looked all fresh and tanned coming back from a health trip to Mykonos.

Midsummer ladies. Love this little London tradition for us to celebrate together. If you move countries sometimes its time for new traditions.

All the boys cancelled on us last minute and we sent angry photos telling them no. Poor George had to deal with all the girls on his own.

Ella came last minute and i made her a garland so she could just jump straight into it. Our honorary swede. Now we just need to hook her up with a swede so we can make her one of us for reals.

The beautiful Midsummer table. Katta had made a dream dinner as always.

Ha, a somewhat unimpressed George. Not so sure what he feels about being dragged around everywhere for my weird swede parties and holidays but hey, thats kind of what you signed up for wanting to marry me.

This is the weather that all swedes dream of. Sun slowly going down over London and being able to sit outside until midnight.

Kelly joined us and suddenly we were 6 garland clad prettties (yes george, you too)

I got to play my 6h long swede cheese list. Not so fun for the non swedes but the rest of us loved it. Nothing like scream sing to Tommy Korberg.

A very beautiful, happy, smiley Katta. Love that her smile is back. And that glow. Shell wreck havoc on the London boys.

Liam and Dan joined and i told them they had to make a garland if they wanted to be a part of the fun. So they did. They sucked and Dan kept complaining that there was no flowers left for him.

But looking pretty happy doing it.

Me having a little love moment with my gorgeous Ella. She is breaking so many poor boys hearts at the moment. Good on her. She needs that.

Bromancing. I feel like these true London boys barely knows what to do about all the swedeness. Its all too white and pretty.

Nah, lets just dive right in and go with it. I think Liam makes and excellent Midsummer boy.

Ha, love these guys. My own, weird London family. I feel so lucky that i have truly found a place that is mine. Never felt at home in Stockholm, its too perfect for unperfect me, but London with its never ending forgiveness makes me feel like i can be anyone.

People are judged for who they are, not what they have or where they are from, here and i love that. It means that i dont have to be where im from either. I can find who i want to be instead.

I mean, look at these girls and the happiness on their faces.

Yeah, we had the best time. Midsummer in London is kind of winning over Midsummer in Sweden at the moment.

Me and my best trouble maker in crime.

When the swede list is a roaring success and its 2 am and no one wants to go home yet.

Katta and me dancing to ‘Bakom mina solglasogon’ and thinking, rightly so, that we own the world.

Yes, you are the best babe. And i love you endlessly. If London makes me feel like i can be myself you make me feel 100% loved for the who i am. No one else have ever looked at me with zero judgement and never ending love the way you do.

Heres to many more Midsummers together.

Even when i look like this and follow you around the flat asking if you find me sexy.

Best Midsummer.

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