This sweltering heat

Its 30 degrees in London. Im so happy i dont need to go on the tube at the moment, central line is even more hell than usual in this heat. Instead W and me take slow walks around the block when its cooled down a bit in the evenings.

This feels like the never ending summer. My garden needs watering every day and i can barely sleep at night because its so hot. George goes out and see friends and i stay home since i try and live a bit healthier. Many reasons for that. Both body and mind needs all the energy it can get. Im back to reading super simple books where everything works out in the end. My kind of vacation.

The weekend after all the midsummer shenanigans was super chilled too. George made me breakfast when i was suffering my snaps hangover in the morning.

Then i stayed there pretty much all day. Too hot to be in the garden or leave the house at all.

Until the game between sweden and germany. I crawled down to the Draft house for food and games.

Bringing my man of course. No choice but cheering for Sweden. If you drink with us you cheer for us.

I was representing again. You go Abba country.

Got my juices flowing by eating this monstrosity. The whole living healthy (ish) only counts for the weeks. Weekends are a free for all.

The started 90 minutes of hell. Im not good with sports stress, never have been.

and this game was a killer. Knowing my fellow swedes and what a machine the germans are under pressure i had a feeling it wasnt going to end well after the 1-1 goal.

So stressed i did.

My poor heart almost couldnt handle all that drama.

When we went into the overtime i hid behind my glasses to avoid the unavoidable.

And for sure, the germans scored in the 94th minute. I mean come one.

After that i just went home, saw an episode of Lost and then went to bed. No more drama for this poor heart.

On sunday i chilled some in the garden and enjoyed my new brollie. Needed in the sweltring heat right now.

Then we headed up to East to 100 Hoxton for Helens and Simons leaving party. George was super excited and planned to go big from the start. All his friends out and about.

me and W not so much. Normal people cant do Sundays plus my little man need someone to take him home when it gets too much.

So at 8 i left everyone and headed home to the sofa again. Told you we are mostly hiding away from the sun him and me.

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