Summer sadness

Lazy days. Can you do anything else when its this hot? I understand why Spain has  siesta. I want to take a siesta after lunch every day. Or even better, have the 2 months summer holiday of my childhood. But here in London we only have 22 days and i have to save mine for Australia in March. So i enjoy the cool of the AC at work and leave work a little early to catch the evening sun.

Its almost like the burning sun and the dying grass of London makes me a little sad. Summer is supposed to be when you are all happy enjoying the sun. But what if life is just normal? You do the things you always do. Are you failing on summer then?

I have too much time to think. And my dreams are almost feverish since its so hot. I think about what ifs and maybe nots. There are things i desperately want but i have to wait and i feel lonely in that wait. I dont want to live my wait and talk about it all the time. But its there, constantly, in the back of my mind.

The heat makes my mind sluggish and my thoughts slow and i can barely focus on anything complicated. So i kind of exist in this bubble of summer.

Yesterday Uday came back from Mexico and as the hero he is he brought the team a bottle of tequila. Team party coming up.

After work George and me packed a blanket and a bottle of Gin and Juice and went down to the river for a picnic.

This bottle is one of a small batch made by Kyro and it was delicious. My hope is that they start selling this so that we non wine drinkers has something sexier for a picnic than beer or cider.

Imagine whipping this bad boy out in a date. I would swoon.

My man posing with his brands awesomeness.

Mini family. Love these guys with all my heart. The make my life all kinds of awesome. My somewhat summer sadness is not them. Not at all. They are what make me happy and i felt so much better after our picnic.

Woolly is not unhappy when he gets to eat meat in the sunset.

This guy. I dont know how but he always makes me smile and laugh no matter how i feel. He is my person.

Also, love his unruly mop of hair at the moment.

Aceing the selfie game.

This little guy is my hero. He is suffering massively in the heat so he loves when it gets a bit colder and goes absolutely bonkers.

Gin and Juice guys, im telling you, its deliciousness in a bottle.

(also, my nostrils are some wonky shit)

This is what i call real love. A man and his bottle of booze.

Such a lovely evening by the river. When summer is like this it does have all of that happiness and something to live for when its all cold and dark outside.

Creating this post and looking at these pictures helped my summer sadness.

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