Yes Sweden!

If you are a swede like me you know exactly how I spent my time between 3-5 (4-6 your time) yesterday. By cheering and jumping up and down for my team of course.

The game started while i was in a phone conference. No one could see my screen. Aced it.

But very timely all our calling systems went down (it wasnt me, promise) so i could watch the game eating candy undisturbed.

And what a game it was. First i was very stressed seeing the Mexicans in our space dreading a repeat of the german game.

But fucking heroes aced it and my team got to see a very happy boss dancing around.

After all that drama i went home, picked George up and then we collected W for another lazy picnic. This time in Ravenscourt.

Catching the sunset.

Moley was supposed to meet us but then this happened…she was a bit busy not having time for picnic (no baby yet though, water broke but she is in for the long haul)

This is me realising we are meeting Switzerland and not Brazil in the next game. Yes, im living this world cup.

Taking selfies with my unwilling doggo. Standard.

Charlie joined us as well. He has gotten a new job and was quite nervous. Hell do well, hes pretty much done everything in his life so im sure hell do great.

Park shenigans. Yes, im himalarious putting a tennis ball inside Georges shirt. A regular stand up comedian.

Tonight we are forgetting about the nice weather going to the cinema. Im becoming Aussie. Next week i have W all week so im counting on a lot of park time. Walkies every morning before work.

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